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2022 playoffs relying on star power is not a long-term solution

2022 Relying on stars is not a long-term solution

It’s a game like that, but Lowry and Butler are so hot, and the Heat relied on their Magic Ball so many times this game, that the issue may be overlooked again. The star power may be able to help the Heat succeed in this game, but it cannot fundamentally solve this problem. 

The Heat, who were on the verge of elimination, and Celtic, who were promoted to the goal, staged the most exciting battle in the Eastern Championship so far in G6. The two sides exchanged leads 8 times in total, tying the total of the first 5 games in the series. After the fierce battle until the decisive quarter, the Miami Heat, who had a stronger defense, won the victory by 8 points, and successfully forced the series into a tiebreaker.

"2022 playoffs" relying on star power is not a long-term solution

Defense is still the key to victory, the Heat continue to rely on defense

As mentioned in the previous article, defense is the key to the final victory of this series, and the main reason for the Heat’s success in this battle is also defense, especially the decisive quarter to effectively suppress the Celtic offense.

The Celtics kept trying to use the pick-and-roll in the fourth quarter, creating opportunities for Jayson Tatum to run Max Strus, who is not good at defense. However, the Heat did a quick job in assisting defense. For example, in the video below, Tatum was stuck in the elbow, and it was difficult to match up to Strus, but P.J. Tucker’s help came in time. When Tatum cut in and started, Tucker immediately stepped forward to drive the attack. , to steal the ball from Tatum.

And every time Tatum cuts in, the Heat’s team’s defensive range will shrink inward, blocking his path and putting pressure on him. As in the video below, as soon as Tatum cuts in speed, he immediately attracts four Heat defenders to help defend, completely blocked. Full restricted area.

The Heat blocked Tatum from receiving the ball, and used a lot of help to limit his destructive power, which effectively caused the Celtics’ tactical operation to stagnate, resulting in a decrease in the offensive efficiency of the Celtics.

In addition, in response to Celtic’s proud cut-and-pass three-pointer, the Heat also strengthened their rotation in the fourth quarter to interfere with the opponent’s peripheral C&S. The Heat are trying their best to interfere with the opponent’s 3-point shot, not just with the players on the court, but also on the sideline bench, as in the video below, Al Horford makes a 45-degree jumper on the left, Kyle Lowry and Kyle Lowry on the sideline. Assistant coach Caron Butler yelled at him and eventually managed to influence his shot.

Although the Heat’s bench was fined for crossing the line after the game, the level of investment on the defensive end by the Heat’s entire team is evident.

The long-standing and thorny problems behind the Heat star power

In addition to the effective defensive strategy, the resurrection of the two main players Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler is also the main reason for the team’s victory. Butler’s shooting percentage in the first two games was hovering at 20%, but this game scored a career-high 47 points in the playoffs, second only to LeBron James’ 49 points in Heat team history; Lowry scored 18 points and 10 assists. Achieved the first Double Ten in this year’s playoffs.

Still, the Heat’s offensive conundrum hasn’t improved sufficiently. Since the start of the Eastern Conference Championship, the Heat have always had the problem of uneven distribution of players on the court, resulting in overcrowded space, which was discussed in related videos on the Internet. In this battle, the Heat still had players on the field pushing and overlapping on the far side, or when the ball carrier was about to start a cut, but because the teammates did not leave the penalty area, the cutting route was too congested.

It’s a game like that, but Lowry and Butler are so hot, and the Heat relied on their Magic Ball so many times this game, that the issue may be overlooked again. The star power may be able to help the Heat succeed in this game, but it cannot fundamentally solve this problem.

Misjudgment is not the only reason for the loss, Celtic must be more timely

The Celtics did lose a little wrongly in this battle. According to the referee report after the game, the referee made a total of 6 misjudgments in the last two minutes of the game, two of which were favorable to the Celtics, and the other four were favorable to the Heat. Among these misjudgments, Derrick White scooped up P.J. Tucker twice, but was mistaken for a foul by the referee. Therefore, Tucker made three of four free throws in a state of extra penalties, which was the most deadly.

Although these three points are deducted, Celtic will still lose the game from the final score, but when the difference between the two sides narrows, it may affect the momentum of the ups and downs, and Celtic does not need to be in the countdown stage. Take out foul tactics, and the final result may be different.

Of course, the failure of the Celtics to close the door cannot be entirely attributed to the flaws in the verdict, and Celtic also has its own shortcomings. Especially in the tug-of-war in the fourth quarter, even though the Heat had taken a targeted defense against Tatum, Celtic did not respond in time, but instead let the rhythm of the game be led by the opponent. And Jaylen Brown played the most value, only 2 shots in a single quarter, only 8 points and 5 turnovers.

Facing the upcoming G7…

The Heat, who escaped disaster on the road, will have the home field advantage of G7. According to statistics, after deducting the bubble league games that only have home and away games, in NBA history, the winning rate of the G7 home team is as high as 78.1% (107 wins). 30 defeats), which is definitely a big help for the Heat’s morale boost.

But Celtic is not completely disadvantaged. The past two games in this series in Miami were played by Celtic successfully, and the Celtics also had a data blessing. Since February 1 this year From the beginning, Celtic never swallowed a losing streak, showing the team’s strong ability to correct. .

From the comparison of historical data, it seems that no one party has an absolute advantage. The key to the victory is which team can adjust and respond to its own weaknesses. As far as the current performance of the two teams is concerned, the problem on the offensive end of the Heat may be more difficult, especially since this is the Shen Lu of the Heat since the start of the Eastern Championship. It has spent six games but cannot be eradicated. , I am afraid it is possible to face Waterloo at home.

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