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In front of the Pelicans, Chris Paul is the ruler after all

Chris Paul is the ruler after all

The Pelicans were entangled again throughout the game, playing high-level content to be small and broad, but the Suns master Chris Paul once again showed his Point God skills. He made 14 shots without missing a shot, leading the Suns to beat the Pelicans and surpass the first. One round, dominated the entire game.

The scene I just saw in Game 1 is now in front of the Pelicans, and this time not only in the fourth quarter, but the entire game.

After Game 5 was over, it was reported that Devin Booker, who was wearing a suit that day and even rushed to the court (by mistake) at one point in protest of the verdict, shouted I’m Back towards the Pelicans bench after the game. Today’s Game 6. It is determined that the return front will start first. He missed the second game due to a strained right hamstring. Two days later, the missing period is 2 to 3 weeks. Even if the sun medical team may estimate the rest period a little It is more relaxed. It is generally believed that this kind of hamstring injury is a rest period of 10 days to 2 weeks. From Game 2 to today’s Game 6, there is only a complete rest of 8 days. There is no need to be pessimistic about the way, post-match evaluation and other signs. This situation of returning after only 8 days off is still earlier than expected.

Of course, Suns head coach Monty Williams said there would be a time limit for Booker, and it could be seen from the game that he wasn’t really firing on all cylinders, or using the highest strength to fight, but Booker came back and put Cameron Johnson back on the bench. Putting the Suns’ rotation comparison back on track, but Booker has not yet returned to 100% of the firepower, this battle is obviously taken over by CP3, starting from the mid-range jumper in the opening minute and a half, CP3 can’t miss the whole game, including the third quarter. He scored 13 points in the first half, and as long as the ball was in his hands, the sun was like a reassurance.

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The Suns obviously understand that Booker is not in the best shape, and the Pelicans will not be able to play easily when they return to the home game. The aforementioned CP3 only spent half of the third quarter scoring points, because even the score was still in the second half of the third quarter. Seeing, Williams still chose to replace CP3 first, hoping to ensure that the ace master can face the fourth quarter with the best physical fitness. Of course, there was Pelicans captain C.J. McCollum who was not on the court because of five fouls. The background still shows how carefully Williams was scheduled in this fierce battle.

With some preparations, even if the Pelicans were advanced at the end of the third quarter and the score in the fourth quarter could not be opened, as long as CP3 was on the court, the game seemed to be under his control all the time, and more importantly. Yes, even if the state is not 100%, Booker’s return is to make the Suns no longer fall into the monotonous formation and lack of offensive points. He can assist in handling the ball when CP3 is closely held by Jose Alvarado, and can cooperate with Deandre Ayton to complete the offense, which is the greatest help. It is in the last 1 minute and 42 seconds of the game that an important advance three-pointer can be thrown, so that the Suns finally do not have to put all the offensive lifeline in the hands of CP3.

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After Booker hit the outside line, the Suns never turned the game around in the last 100 seconds. Mikal Bridges smashed CJM’s ball for a fast-break dunk, and then the Pelicans chased the score with a three-point play, but CP3 was in the final 28.7 The second shot into the middle distance that decided the victory of the game. In the end, the Suns won 115:109, and the series passed 4:2, becoming the second team in the Western Division to advance to the second round after the Warriors.

In this battle, the two sides obviously spent at a lower offensive rhythm and fewer offensive and defensive rounds. The Suns only made 75 shots, which is the fewest in the series. However, no matter what the rhythm of the game is, CP3 is like a needle in the sea, which also explains why this season The sun can always turn off the mountain at critical moments, why the sun has never been overturned after taking the lead in three quarters. The Pelicans improved their physical confrontation in the fourth quarter today, but after Booker returned to the team, the Suns’ lineup and weapons were more complete, so they had no worries when facing various challenges.

CP3 made all 14 shots today, scoring the highest 33 points in this series, with 5 rebounds and 8 assists. This is the most goals scored with 100% shooting in a single game in the NBA playoffs. Center Ayton also made a shot in this game. With a high shooting rate of 10 of 12, scoring 22 points and 7 rebounds, Booker, who returned to the team, scored 13 points. In a slow-paced game, the Suns hit 60% of the field and lost only 32:36 in rebounds. , so that the Pelicans could not gain an advantage by rebounding. It can be seen that the system that has been helping them break the enemy throughout the regular season has finally worked smoothly again.

However, despite the defeat, the Pelicans’ confrontation in the first round is still worthy of recognition. Although there are important factors in Booker’s absence, but facing the 28-game winning difference between the regular season and the Suns, the Pelicans are fierce in every game. Confronting and clinging to the sun for the first time, Brandon Ingram, who played in the playoffs for the first time, faced the sun with strict precautions, and still showed the skills that were rated as Little KD before the selection, which is already the Pelicans can trust in the playoffs The ace, CJM traded in the mid-season, still maintains the performance of contributing firepower in the playoffs in the past. Although the shooting rate in the whole series is not good, but that is because the Suns vote for the second place with the best defensive player of the year most of the time. Bridges used Mikal Jail to look after him. Jonas Valanciunas got rid of the defense that was questioned when he was sent away by the Tyrannosaurus, and under the protection of the Pelicans’ long arm flanks, he became a stable center who can fully impact the penalty area in a tough battle. Herbert Jones, Trey Murphy III Waiting for the young flanks to perform their duties, even the undrafted Alvarado, who was not a nameless player, proved in this series that his hard work was a surprise soldier who entangled the opponent’s main control.

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In fact, the Pelicans have been facing turmoil this entire season. Zion Williamson, the originally scheduled junior player, has been battling injuries. Later, it seems that the problem is not just his health, but that he has not been in agreement with the Pelicans during the recovery period. Whether he should be regarded as part of the blueprint for the future is a question mark. In this situation where the main players are not necessarily in the same heart as the team, the Pelicans still increase their size as a buyer in the middle of the season, and enter the play-offs as they wish, passing two levels in a row. Afterwards, it brought a considerable threat to the league leaders. This season, the new head coach Willie Green faced his old team who knew a lot, and his initiative was even better than Williams. After the game, Green hugged the old teammates of the Suns one by one. Greetings, and he and CP3 used to be teammates in New Orleans when they were players in the past. He fought with CP3 as an assistant last season, and now he is back in New Orleans as head coach. seems significant.

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The Suns passed the first hurdle without a hitch, and the next focus is to fully help Booker return to his best form, and then continue to move toward the championship goal, and the Pelicans have finished a proud series, no doubt that the Suns are respectable. They have to look to the future. Whether or not they have to deal with another champion after saying goodbye to Anthony Davis, they already have an excellent core and have more capital to build an army into the future.

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