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Offensive efficiency is better than when KD is on the floor

Efficiency is better than when KD is on the floor

One of the keys to the Warriors’ ability to ride lightly is that the new version of the Five Littles of Death played well, with Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry matching. , with a +23 net rating, the highest of any five-man team in the Warriors playoffs. 

The Warriors, who got rid of the loads of the previous two years and returned to the championship, did not encounter much obstacles in the first round of this year’s playoffs. It took only 5 games to eliminate the gold nugget led by the defending MVP Nikola Jokic.

One of the keys to the Warriors’ ability to ride lightly is that the new version of the Five Littles of Death played well, with Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry matching. , with a +23 net rating, the highest of any five-man team in the Warriors playoffs.

Although these five players have never teamed up at the same time in the regular season, they hit it off in the first try of the playoffs. In G1 and G2 of the series, the Warriors let this five-man team try their skills, and in a total of about 11 minutes of playing time, they paid an amazing efficiency of plus-minus +29; in the last 3 and a half minutes of the G3 game, they were on the ball. When the team was behind, they went on the court to put out the fire, and then instantly launched a wave of 8-0 offensive, and they went away to help the team win the draw.

They are called Fast Five and also PTSD

The Warriors’ biggest weapon in winning the Triple Crown in the previous four years was their frightening small-ball combination. From the Death Five in the early 2015 to the Hamptons Five after Kevin Durant joined, now the Warriors’ Death Five has advanced to the third generation, and the outside world has also adopted this new version of the Death Five. New nickname, Fast Five or PTSD.

It should not be difficult to understand that it is called Fast Five, but the name of PTSD is quite intriguing. PTSD refers to the first letter of the names of four of them (Poole, Thompson, Stephen, Draymond). As for Wiggins, whose name is not among them, he doesn’t seem to care too much about it, and to some extent reflects his introverted character. The original meaning of PTSD represents post-traumatic stress disorder, and it may also be a metaphor for this five-member group like the lingering nightmare of the opponent.

They are called "Fast Five" and also "PTSD"

The firepower is better than the previous two generations of Death Five and PTSD, but there are hidden worries on the defensive end

How scary is PTSD? Perhaps it can be seen from the comparison. The table below shows a comparison of the playoff performance between PTSD and the Five Deaths, the Warriors’ three-time champion in recent years. Compared with the previous two generations of Death Five, the game pace of PTSD is almost the same, but the offensive efficiency value is 141.2, which is a big part of Haifang’s first two generations of Death Five. There are two main reasons.

First of all, the outside shooting of PTSD is really unreasonable. The Five Dead three-point shooting rate in the 2017-18 season exceeded 40%, which is already very good. PTSD actually came to an unscientific 51.7 %, making the effective shooting percentage (EFG%) and true shooting percentage (TS%) of this five-man combination break through 70%, setting a new record for the Warriors’ small-ball lineup.

Moreover, the peripheral firepower of PTSD does not rely solely on Thompson and Curry. Poole and Wiggins are also quite terrible self-propelled guns. Even Green, who has always been ignorant of outside shooting, has a pass level of 36.4 in the playoffs this season. A total of 4 three-pointers shot more than 40%, which is also a small-ball lineup of the Warriors that has never appeared in the past.

Another point is that PTSD has more attack initiation points. Looking back at the previous two generations of Death Five, Harrison Barnes and Andre Iguodala both prefer 3D flanks, while Green is obviously better in passing than shooting, so the burden of holding the ball on the court often falls on KD or Curry. However, in addition to the Splash Brothers, Poole and Wiggins also have a certain ability to hold the ball and attack the ball, so it is easier to create opportunities to dislocate the opponent’s elders.

The AST% of PTSD was 70.7%, ranking first among the Five Deads of all dynasties, and the assist-to-turnover ratio was also quite dazzling, reaching 4.14, ranking second in the Five Deads of all dynasties. All in all, the style of PTSD is more inclined to the team battle mode that won the team’s first championship in 2015. Although there is no unsolved death KD, but with more team cooperation, it creates space for each other and improves the change of offense. Sex, making opponents hard to guard against.

Season Lineups Record Min ORtg DRtg NetRtg AST% AST/TO FG% 3P% EFG% TS% PACE +/-
2014-15 Iguodala, Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green 11W5L 111 109.2 93.3 15.8 67.9 2.38 44.7 29.1 51.3 56.3 103.70 +2.4
2016-17 Iguodala, Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green 12W1L 65 124.1 102.1 22.0 58.3 5.83 51.7 33.3 58.2 64.6 105.81 +2.8
2017-18 Iguodala, Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green 7W2L 129 120.6 97.2 23.4 65.4 2.36 55.3 41.9 63.0 66.6 106.44 +7.6
2021-22 Curry, Thompson, Green, Wiggins, Poole 4W1L 39 141.2 119.8 21.4 70.7 4.14 61.2 51.7 72.4 76.1 103.18 +4.6

However, PTSD is not perfect. The biggest worry may lie in defense. The defensive efficiency value of this five-man combination is as high as 119.8, which is worse than the five-member lineup of the past two generations. Compared to other teams, it was even better than the gold nugget (121.9) that was lost to them.

The main weakness of PTSD is probably the penalty area defense. In G5, when the Warriors chose this five-man combination as the starter, Aaron Gordon and Jokic scored 9 points in the first four minutes of the game, and almost all of them were concentrated in the penalty area, forcing the Warriors coaching team Quickly put on Looney to stop the bleeding. Although the Warriors took more double-teams against Jokic in the last three quarters of the campaign, other players in the gold nuggets used this to score empty cuts. In the fourth quarter, the Warriors performed well offensively, but the reason why it was difficult to get rid of the gold nuggets was also because Jokic kept getting the ball in the penalty area.

In the absence of a tall KD to protect the penalty area, and Green, who won the Defensive Player of the Year award, is also aging, defense may be the biggest weakness of PTSD.

Death Five is not only five people, but also the bench soldiers can not be ignored

Although the Warriors’ small-ball lineup is always referred to as the Death Five, in addition to the main rotation of the five-man team, other off-the-bench raiders are also important.

Gary Payton II was one of the most outstanding bench players in the Warriors in the playoffs. Although he had no experience in the playoffs in the past, he averaged 6.8 points per game and shot 75% from three in the first round of the series, and the Warriors season GPII is a member of the 5 sets of fives with the highest postgame average plus-minus and NetRtg. In G5 of the first round, GPII scored 10 points in a single quarter in the fourth quarter. He played the role of the team’s smooth closing. He was able to pass assists, three-pointers C&S, pick-and-roll slides, and interfere with assist defense. He played like a small player. Draymond.

Another available player on the bench is Otto Porter Jr., who, despite his erratic perimeter shooting, only made a dismal 15.4 percent from 3-point range in the playoffs this year, but his defense is still solid. Looking at the opponent’s shooting percentage when he is on the court, except for the long two, which is 20-24 feet away from the basket, when he is on the court, the opponent’s shooting percentage in the rest of the range is the team’s top five lows, which is a streak. Defensive center Draymond Green couldn’t do it. Porter, who has the size, experience, and mobility to switch defenses, can limit the opponent’s shot in a wide range.

Real material or the advantage of asymmetric information?

The current ferocious offensive performance of PTSD may be based on the information advantage that the opponent is not familiar with.

Just like in the 2014-15 season, the first-generation Death Five regular season was not the team’s main lineup. On average, each game only worked for 2.7 minutes, and the first three rounds of the playoffs did not take too much time. The coaching team This group of box-pressing treasures have been hidden well until the championship game against the Cavaliers, and the Warriors fell behind 1-2, and then put Andre Iguodala in the starting line for the first time. The Cavaliers faced the Warriors’ sudden change, and they were at a loss for a while, and the Warriors were at a loss. Therefore, he was crowned king in three cities in a row.

However, in the 2015-16 season, the Warriors used the Five Deads in the regular season, the third most among all combinations. After the Five Deads were normalized, the opponents had more opportunities to study the solution, resulting in the Death Five. Five Little’s NetRtg in the playoffs that year was -3.4.

Looking back at head coach Steve Kerr’s past scheduling, he has never played the signature Five Deads for more than 30 minutes in the first round of his three championship trips, but this year’s first round of the playoffs will let PTSD cooperate for nearly 40 minutes. The secret weapons come out in advance, which may expose their own shortcomings prematurely, so that the teams can prepare early and discover their weaknesses.

Can PTSD replicate the performance of the previous two generations of Death Five and help the Warriors win the gold cup again? Perhaps it remains to be seen.

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