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The Heat opened the red plate smoothly at home

The Heat opened the red plate smoothly at home

Before the start of the game, there were many injured soldiers on both sides. The 76ers ace Joel Embiid was determined to miss the first two games. Only veteran Kyle Lowry of the Heat will not play because of a hamstring strain. Everyone else will play with injuries. 

Before the start of the game, there were many injured soldiers on both sides. The 76ers ace Joel Embiid was determined to miss the first two games. Only veteran Kyle Lowry of the Heat will not play because of a hamstring strain. Everyone else will play with injuries.

The Heat opened the red plate smoothly at home

After a long regular season, few NBA players are 100% healthy. Usually, in the emergency playoffs, it is common to play with injuries, especially those veterans who have played for many years. Heat wing ace Jimmy Butler was sidelined with a knee injury in Game 5 of the first round. Other weak players included wing Caleb Martin, center forward PJ Tucker, shooter Max Strus, and guard Tyler Herro. They all participated in the practice before the start of the second round, and they seem to be in good condition. They all have playing records in the first game. It seems that a few days of complete rest is still bad.

Without MVP-caliber center Embiid, the Sixers are bound to focus their offense on the backcourt. Beard James Harden, who has continued to decline in physical fitness, and Tyrese Maxey, a sophomore who has exploded this season, have become the most important guards for the Heat, and wing singlet Tobias Harris also has more scoring responsibility.

Even if he successfully hunted down Eagles guard Trae Young in the first round, facing Harden and Maxey is a completely different challenge. First of all, the confrontation between the two is first-class. Harden has a wealth of experience and a good height. Maxey’s speed and explosiveness are the tools for a living. In the first round, he even made more than 40% of his three-point shooting rate. It is not easy for the Heat to suppress the two at the same time. people.

Erik Spoelstra, who has been in the league for many years, knows that it is impossible to limit all the opponent’s weapons at the same time, so the most successful place for the Heat to do in the first round is the choice. In order to suppress Young’s destructive power, the Heat heavily guarded the cut-in route, preferring to expose the bottom line gap in the corner, and adjust the second- and third-line assist defense positions.

The 221 pressure defense in the whole game directly followed the 23 areas in the half, or the use of man-marking and area rotation is the heat’s usual trick. What’s more troublesome is that they also have all-defense materials. Center Bam Adebayo has excellent athleticism and defensive range. Embiid, who is dislocated no matter who he encounters, is no longer under the Heat’s defensive pressure. In the previous round, Doc Rivers helped Harden set up screens farther from the basket and increased the frequency of double gears to effectively help Harden open space. Use will be interesting to watch.

The heroes of the Heat’s victory in the first game were Adebayo and Herro who performed mediocrely in the first round. As the Heat’s second and third scorers, their scores fell sharply in the first round of five games. Although Adebayo’s defense is still excellent, and Herro’s mid-range lead is still the same, it’s not ideal for the next Heat’s signature.

Adebayo made no missed free throws in the first game, and performed efficiently in the penalty area at the same time, and finally scored a personal playoff high of 24 points this season. Herro scored a playoff high of 25 points, 7 assists and 0 turnovers. He played well in the fourth quarter with 5 assists and got rid of the slump in the first round.

The Heat opened the red plate smoothly at home

The Heat took a slight lead in the first quarter, but the 76ers fought back immediately in the second quarter, and the two teams fought back and forth in the first half. At the beginning of the third quarter, the 76ers gained a 5-point advantage by relying on Maxey’s activity, but then they could only watch the Heat’s performance. The backcourt guards Harden and Maxey, the main flanker Harris, both played about 20 minutes in the first half, and the 76ers, who had fewer people in the third quarter, had no room for adjustment. After entering the fourth quarter, the 76ers seemed to have heavy footsteps, and finally could not stop the recharged Heat bench from losing the game.

The Heat also focused on blocking the 76ers’ double-backs, preferring to let Georges Niang and Danny Green shoot. Niang was a little hesitant to shoot because of an injury. Green didn’t feel stable for a day or two. Together, the two made 1-of-12 three-pointers, allowing the Heat to unscrupulously implement their defensive focus. Maxey and Harden are also not allowed in this game. The 76ers have no one to play in the penalty area, and they can’t cut into the half court. The team has less than 20% of the three points. It is really difficult to win this way.

Although the Heat themselves are also very inaccurate, the starters Max Strus and Gabe Vincent made 2 of 14 shots in total, and the main substitutes Victor Oladipo and Caleb Martin made 8 shots in total. In addition, the original main shooter Duncan Robinson sat on the bench throughout the game. 25 percent from 3-pointers outscored the 76ers slightly.

However, the Heat grabbed 10 more rebounds and made 3 fewer mistakes. The whole game was almost tied in free throws but 13 more shots than the 76ers. The accumulation is the final double-digit difference between the two sides. The depth of the rotation determines the offensive and defensive energy in the latter part of the game. The Heat can even let the center Omer Yurtseven, who rarely plays in the playoffs, come up and experience it. Oladdipo and Martin, who have a big difference in hand feel, can adjust it in actual combat, while the 76ers seem to have no other options. Can use.

When Embiid wasn’t around, Rivers used the aging DAJ to start at center, and DAJ and young Paul Reed combined to be a dismal performance. Although Rivers will continue to let DAJ start at the post-game press conference, regardless of whether others like it or not, it is now clear that the 76ers can’t beat the Heat with DAJ on the court.

Letting Niang attack directly is a move, but he is also injured and has poor mobility. It is also an option to let Harris play center, and then choose Shake Milton to play at three back? Looking at the 76ers horizontally and vertically, there are not many choices. It may be more realistic to hope that the outside touch will come out of a low ebb and let the Heat not dare to put too much space.

The Heat opened the red plate smoothly at home

For the Heat, holding home court advantage, taking a full rest before starting the game, and just encountering Embiid’s absence and being unable to play, it is only a basic requirement to win the game. Embiid can’t play in the next game, and the Heat have a great chance to take a 2-0 lead to the road. As the saying goes, a win on the road is the start of the playoffs, and an away game against Embiid’s 76ers is a close match.

There’s a lot of talk about when Embiid will return, but at least he’s desperately hoping to get back on his feet in the playoffs. Embiid is still a lot better than DAJ and Paul Reed with a mask and half his skills, at least he has a chance to get Adebayo and Tucker into foul trouble.

After the opening game, the betting was more in favor of the Heat. Tobias Harris is a good attacker, but it’s too hard for him to pass the ball to the team. If the 76ers want to break through the Heat’s strict defense, they still need to rely on the double guard. Can they re-ignite the attack fuse?

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