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Horford's 2022 playoffs key defensive loss, Bucks win 2:1

Horford’s 2022 playoffs key defensive loss, Bucks win 2:1

The large number of physical collisions and frequent whistles between the two teams made the game rhythm more fragmented, and the focus of the first half was somewhat deviated from the basketball competition. Even so, the two sides still fought all the way to the last moment, and the Bucks were only 0.1 seconds behind in Horford. Missed a tip-up and narrowly won, temporarily leading the series. 

It’s really hard work. For players and fans, the scale of this physical collision is much larger than the previous two games. Falls and falls, players have to bear the pain of flesh and blood, and fans have to keep their eyes open. When the eyes are concerned about each collision, how the referee blows the sentence, and the score becomes stalemate in the fourth quarter, which is probably the kind of game that fans on both sides are not happy to see!

I haven’t dared to talk about it for many years, but I have given up hope for the referee for a long time. Even if this point of view is cliché, I can’t help but mention it at the beginning of the article, The abnormal scale of the referee is a kind of Everyday, it will be much more comfortable to first have this understanding and then discuss the strategies and reactions of the two teams on the field.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s offense is still tricky for the Celtics to determine when he hits the rim or points the ball. The only thing he can control is that he will make a choice in the paint. Once he is knocked out, he will not make any physical contact. It’s impossible for him to give anything, so Celtic defenders, including Marcus Smart and Grant Williams, have made a lot of attempts to stand in Giannis’ offense and fall to see if the referee buys the offensive foul. As a result, the sometimes strict and sometimes loose judgment criteria made both sides spend many rounds groping.

Horford's 2022 playoffs key defensive loss, Bucks win 2:1

There is absolutely no problem with this. Personally, whether it is real or diving, as long as the referee pays the bill and thinks from the perspective of a Celtic player, it is a good shot! Of course continue to do the same. The Bucks obviously decided to take advantage of this, and used a lot of cuts to create a physical collision between the two sides in the second quarter. Even if the risk is such a monotonous style of play, taking advantage of the situation is no less than a plan, and it is a psychological warfare trick.

Horford's 2022 playoffs key defensive loss, Bucks win 2:1

As soon as there is contact, the risk is that the referee will get tired and try to play the victim regardless of the intensity of the contact. Over time, the referee will get tired. After all, he needs to measure. If the main players of both sides are blown to the end early, the game will definitely be enjoyable to watch. It’s uglier than the referee’s own ranting. So the referee will also consider it, but I am not trying to satirize or ridicule the Celtics, even if I am obviously a Bucks fan, fans who have the opportunity to watch the replay can watch the fourth quarter at about 7 minutes and 10 seconds, Giannis singled out Grant Williams’ ball in the post, and Grant’s defensive reaction on that shot was normal, normal, yes, defense, defense. Even though Giannis’s back frame was strong against the defender, the smaller Grant could still play for 20 minutes without being pushed or even knocked down by Giannis.

Of course, not every round can be compared, but that scene is the epitome of my personal favorite game style, rather than one side playing the victim all the time, the other side simply getting back, and the ratio of each other’s efforts may be higher than that of each other. There is really more competition.

Although the Bucks took a double-digit lead at the end of the third quarter, judging from the content of the game in the second half of the third quarter, we could indeed feel the downturn of Celtic at that time, but Celtic has always had excellent offensive and defensive rotations. Allowing them to catch up quickly in the fourth quarter, AI Horford was as important to the Greens as Brook Lopez was to the Bucks, or even more so.

His stable shooting grasp, offensive footwork in the penalty area, plus pick-and-roll coordination and awareness of help defense are all available, scoring 22 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 blocks, and 4 of 7 three-pointers. , 35 years old? He even missed 0.1 seconds to extend the game at the last minute, and it was a real pleasure to watch him play.

Horford's 2022 playoffs key defensive loss, Bucks win 2:1

Although the 13 points and 10 rebounds contributed by Brook Lopez are slightly inferior in comparison, he is definitely a shadow player in Giannis’s data creation. With him in the penalty area, Giannis’ rebounds are easier to pick up, and most of the regular season is used. You can see this when both are absent, the Bucks are really lucky to welcome Lopez’s return at the end of the season, and Bobby Portis can’t play multiple roles in the rotation no matter how well he plays, both to help Giannis buy time off Playing as Giannis’ teammate again, keeping Lopez plus Portis instead of Portis and Serge Ibaka, the overall offensive and defensive quality is definitely a notch worse.

Wesley Matthews really contributed a lot to Jayson Tatum in this game. On the one hand, I am really worried that something will happen to Grayson Allen to defend Tatum (he has a few goals today, which is really frowned upon, not to say that he can’t make small moves, but it is Restraint). Second, I was pleasantly surprised that Matthews, who always gave me a bad impression of defensive performance, actually did much better than expected in this matchup and follow-up defense. Tatum was 4-for-19 from the field. , Matthews is the catalyst among them, especially at the critical moment of the fourth quarter, when Tatum, who was invisible for the whole quarter, tried to jump out, Matthews once again kept the aim that he lost in the middle distance, which is quite worthy of recognition.

Horford's 2022 playoffs key defensive loss, Bucks win 2:1

The difference in the number of free throws between the two sides is doubled (Green Cypriot 34 VS Bucks 17), can it be regarded as a Green Cypriot gain? Frankly the focus is not there. Now that it is decided to create a lot of body collisions, and the bucks also choose a lot of cuts in response, the whistle will be more, which is normal. As a fan, I just worry about the risk of possible injury or conflict, and I sincerely hope that the next game will have a different flavor, perhaps starting from the fact that the two teams’ three-point shooting rate is less than 30%?

Horford's 2022 playoffs key defensive loss, Bucks win 2:1

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