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Mavericks advance to Western Conference Finals in Game 7

Mavericks advance in Game 7

After the game, Luka Doncic shook her head and walked towards Nowitzki, and the two hugged happily and shared the joy of victory. Because of trusting each other, the Dallas Mavericks have the opportunity to wait until Brunson and Dinwiddie come out of the low tide, defeat the Phoenix Suns, and create a wonderful Game7 comeback show. 

 Mavericks advance to Western Conference Finals in Game 7
Mavericks advance in Game 7 3

When Luka Doncic calmly hit the first 3-pointer, the Suns flashed a little maybe trouble warning lights, but the entire arena had yet to guess what was going to happen next.

No one will understand when it actually happens. The audience fell into a crazy bipolar mood. Except for the Mavericks fans and Dirk Nowitzki, everyone in the audience hoped that this was just a dream, and it was best to wake up instantly.

After the first three quarters, the Dallas Mavericks took a 92-50 Big Mac lead, and finally won Game 7 with a 33-point difference, countering the Suns and advancing to the Western Conference finals, setting a new record in team history since 2011. They are about to face off against the Golden State Warriors on May 19, Taiwan time, which is the third and fourth battle in the Western District.

Luka Doncic had 35 points and 10 rebounds on 6-of-11 three-pointers, but that was barely expected. After all, as long as Luka isn’t in foul trouble, he’ll be a permanent problem for opponents.

The real headache for the Suns was Bench Raider Spencer Dinwiddie. He only missed 4 times and contributed 30 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, steals and blocks each, as if he was back at the peak of the Nets. Bonuses are happily bagged.

Jalen Brunson didn’t hesitate, making 11 of 19 shots, contributing 24 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. Maxi Kleber and Frank Ntilikina came off the bench, and their tough and smart defensive performances were admirable. The former also sent out 3 blocks, making it worthwhile for fellow countryman Nowitzki.

The ideal of everyone is a soldier is realized here. Whether fans are used to calling it Mavericks or Lone Rangers, they are all presenting the best appearance of the team today.

As far as chances are concerned, no one likes us, said Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd, who led almost the entire game except for the scoreless first 26 seconds, never allowing the Suns to tie the points.

A lot of people predicted it would be aone-sided’ game. Well, they were right, they just didn’t guess who was ahead.

The Lone Ranger maintained the lead all the way, and created the largest point difference during the period of +46, which fell below everyone’s eyes. Luka Doncic had 27 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal in the first half, while rival Devin Booker unexpectedly made 0 of 7 shots and scored 2 points from free throws.

Limited by the Los Angeles Clippers in the past two years, the Mavericks have all stopped in the first round of the playoffs. As a result, 23-year-old Luka Doncic has received a lot of questions from the media – especially after the rookie king’s rival, Trae Young of the Eagles, reached the Eastern Conference finals. Luka’s situation is even more difficult.

However, his shining moment is just too late, not forever. Now that he has done it, the burden has been lifted temporarily from his shoulders.

To be honest, I’m really happy! Doncic said with a smile. From the moment he stepped into the press conference and turned to the camera, he was as happy as a child, finding his long-lost innocent smile.

He also said, No one can remove the smile from my face now. Judging from his expression, what he said was indeed true, which made people smile.

I really think we deserved this [win]. Maybe a couple of bad games, but looking at the whole series, we played as hard as we could — just because we ‘believed’, because we believed, everyone does. Believe it.

No matter in the 0-2 or 2-3 backward situation, Luka Doncic has emphasized the concept of believe more than once. He believes that only by trusting each other can the team continue to struggle.

Even a 1% chance is enough.

The Mavericks have reached the conference finals for the fifth time in their 42 seasons, following 1988, 2003, 2006 and 2011. Senior Dirk Nowitzki participated in 3 of them, and now Luka Doncic is also creating a new history for himself and his teammates.

In June last year, the Mavericks and the Clippers fought 7 games in the first round and finally lost. They were the first to hold a 2-0 series advantage, but unexpectedly fell through.

This triggered a chain of events that followed, such as the resignation of general manager Donnie Nelson and the end of head coach Rick Carlisle’s 13-year partnership with the team.

After a year, this time it was replaced by the Lone Ranger to break the opponent’s 2-0 lead, and the main battlefield moved to the division semi-finals. They completed the impossible mission and became the 26th team in NBA history to successfully counterattack under such conditions.

The Lone Ranger lost to the Suns in the previous three games by 9, 20, and 30 points respectively.

And, in fact, the Mavericks haven’t won at home with the Suns since November 2019. Although the experience of beating the Jazz in the last series brought a lot of confidence — the Mavericks had lost 11 straight games in Salt Lake City before their first-round win — all factors suggest that the Mavericks have little chance of winning at Game 7.

God knows, the Phoenix Suns started with 1-for-11, and the Dallas Mavericks maintained their consistent offensive level and frequently fired from the outside. At the end of the first quarter, they took a 27-17 lead and expanded to 57 at halftime. -27, never looking back.

At the beginning of the second half, about two minutes later, Luka Doncic hit a 3-pointer in a dashing manner, and his personal score reached the 30 mark. At this time, the Suns team officially scored less than Luka alone, and the scene in front of him instantly became unreal.

This is Luka, he loves the stage, Kidd said. The bigger the stage, the better his performance.

On offense, Kidd believes Luka creates good scoring opportunities for the team and allows everyone to feel involved. At the same time, he can also properly maintain his own threat, making the opponent exhausted.

But in Kidd’s heart, what he values ​​most is defense. This is also the key to their ability to widen the gap early in this game. I believe Devin Booker and Chris Paul have deep feelings.

Through disciplined, aggressive rotation defense, the Mavericks frequently cut off the Suns’ passing path, making the opponent’s shot, even if he had the chance, often very hasty and urgent.

There were even a few balls that the Suns directly send the ball to the Lone Ranger, and even the defensive players were startled, and there was an extra fast break opportunity for no reason.

Big man Deandre Ayton picked up three early fouls and reportedly got into a fight with head coach Monty Williams. Booker and CP3 are like the epitome of the Suns. In the first half, they made 0 of 11 shots and were completely out of shape.

The staff at the home are very dedicated and try their best to boost the atmosphere of the arena, but the fans seem to be losing patience. There were even boos at midfield, negatively expressing their disappointment and dissatisfaction, and the passionate slogan of Suns in four 11 days ago. form a strong contrast.

In the fourth quarter, many Suns fans left the field early, and the Lone Ranger supporters shouted Let’s Go Mavs without being stopped. With the two sides replaced with bench players, the game that has gone by is coming to an end.

Honestly, we didn’t expect this to happen, Jalen Brunson said.

In this game, Brunson scored 24 points, and after leaving the game, he received a warm hug from the owner Mark Cuban-but was hit in the calf by the sweeping leg of the Suns player, and a stroke came out of the sky. Because the impact position was very close to the knee, it caused a cold sweat.

We knew we had a chance to win this game, kept our faith and trusted each other deeply.

This is similar to the concept Luka said, providing stronger evidence for the team spirit and strong cohesion of the Lone Ranger in the last stand. It is this atmosphere that allows Brunson and Dinwiddie to get up after falling into a low ebb, creating a wonderful comeback show.

The victory raised the Mavericks’ Game7 record to 5 wins and 3 losses and 2 wins and 3 losses on the road.

No one wants to pull the front line to the last battle, but in the end of the poor, the determination to sink the boat is the guarantee to the future-in this regard, the Lone Ranger can be said to be an alternative expert.

It was also in the Western Conference semifinals. The Mavericks, who were called Mavericks by fans at that time, led the Spurs 3-1, but the Spurs, the 2005 NBA champion, did not concede defeat and extended the battle line to the seventh game, and even had a chance Flip it over.

However, Dirk Nowitzki jumped and made a clutch 3-pointer with 21 seconds left to put the game into a playoff. With the unremitting persistence of the team, the Mavericks finally won a thrilling victory, avoiding the fate of being reversed by the Spurs.

Nowitzki played in the game for nearly 50 minutes, made 11 of 20 shots, 15 of 16 free throws, contributed 37 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 block, without any mistakes. He was the hero of the victory.

The Mavericks then defeated old teammate Steve Nash’s Suns and faced the Miami Heat led by Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal in the finals. In the end, although the results fell short, they avenged their revenge in 2011. Nowitzki and Kidd won the championship gold cup as they wished, and wrote a new chapter in the history of the Mavericks.

Dirk, who was sitting in the stands today, did not know if there was a moment when all kinds of memories of that year flashed through his mind?

There have been 114 Game Seven in NBA postseason history, and only 23.6% were won by the visiting team. The Lone Ranger became the 34th time among them, demonstrating their spirit of not being afraid of hardships and continuing to overcome difficulties throughout the season.

They didn’t start the season well, with a record of 16 wins and 18 losses. Kristaps Porzingis missed 22 games. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, 11 players, including Luka Doncic, were also sidelined one after another. It was always difficult for the team to get an opportunity to integrate.

On February 10th, the team decided to break big and stand, reluctantly send Porzingis away, and traded Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans from the Wizards–a move that seemed to come out, but unexpectedly, it was a beautiful start to the winning streak.

Brunson was liberated, Dinwiddie was reborn, the Mavericks won 36 of the last 48 games, entered the playoffs as the fourth in the Western Conference, and stumbled to this day.

After the game, Luka Doncic shook her head and walked towards Nowitzki, and the two hugged happily and shared the joy of victory.

Dirk came to cheer and gave everyone on the team a lot of confidence, Doncic said, happy to see Big Brother on the road, and his morale was boosted by him.

Everyone is thankful to him. As you know, Dirk is Dirk because he’s been through it all. He’s always been a champion and he knows the process!

In less than three days, the Western Conference finals will be staged. The Mavericks’ opponent this time is the comeback Golden State Warriors.

We’re not sure if the Mavericks and Luka Doncic will do another miracle, but one thing is for sure — no one will ever look down on them again.

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