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2022 Playoffs Nets question, maybe there is no answer to Simmons?

Nets Questions for 2022 Playoffs

After the Nets’ two-game losing streak, some fans put the Nets’ last hope in the possible return of Ben Simmons in Game 4. But the problem of the Nets, even if Simmons comes back, may not be solved. What are the problems of the Nets in the first few games? How did the Green Army eat the Nets? This article tells me my opinion.

The Nets have successfully entered the playoffs with the seventh seed in the playoffs. It was predicted to be the most intense series before the game. The Nets suffered Waterloo in the first two Boston home games. What went wrong with the Nets’ game content? Let Net Income speaks with words.

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defeat boston

Game 1

The Nets got off to a bad start. Durant was flanked by the Greens and kept making mistakes. Relying on Seth Curry’s firepower and Dragic’s mid-range shot at the end of the first quarter, he barely managed the score. However, with the fierce firepower of the double-J, plus the performance of Horford, the annual defensive player of the year, the Green Army held an 11-point lead after three quarters. In the fourth quarter, Irving showed his prowess, scoring 39 points on 12 of 20 shots, but Durant was in a sluggish situation in this game, with only 9 of 24 shots and 6 turnovers. Horford’s judgment on Durant’s balls and shots was very good, In addition, Tatum will attack Durant in a timely manner, which also makes the Nets play very hard under the failure of the main player. And the Nets’ green leaves didn’t play much either. Bruce Brown, who had an outstanding performance in the second half of the season, only shot 3 goals and scored 5 points in Game 1. The Nets played too little cooperation and concentrated their offensive on double-K, although Kyrie was fourth It was a blast, but the last wave of defense allowed Tatum to have a layup in the basket without a clear explanation to complete the lore. The Greens lead the Nets 1-0.

Game 2

Brown scored 9 points in a row at the start. The Nets played much better in the first half than in the first game. They took advantage of Brown’s top-to-center support, and Curry had a good touch. But the Nets started off well, mainly with double-Js. Tatum and Brown didn’t feel good, but their Green Leafs came up with firepower in the first half. Grant Williams made an outside shot while the Greens were sleeping to bite the score, and waited until In the third quarter, the twin towers Theis and Horford continued to attack both inside and outside, reducing the score from a maximum lead of 17 points in the first half to a single-digit difference, and then Smart also scored 6 points in a row in the chase stage, although the overall performance of Smart was not good. , but the scores are all in the critical chase period. In the fourth quarter, the Green Army’s defense was even more pressured. Durant made 0 of 10 shots in the second half, and because of his sluggishness, the Nets scored only 17 points sporadically in the fourth quarter. The offense of active teammates in the first half turned into a ball in the second half. The tactics of Give KD and Give the ball to KI happened to be extremely sluggish today. Irving only scored 10 points under the booing of the audience… Tatum, who was sluggish throughout the fourth quarter, took over the game, which also allowed Green The army welcomes two consecutive victories!

Analysis of the first two defeats of the Nets

focus one:Durant is in the doldrums, will it rebound strongly back home?

Durant’s downturn made the Nets play very hard in these two away games, but the reason was also related to the deformity of the Nets’ lineup, and the fact that head coach Nash did not formulate relevant tactics except for the dual-core ball to solve the scoring drought. In the fourth quarter of Game 2, the ball was always given to Durant, KI singled and then got out of the frame. In such a sluggish dual-core situation, Nash did not have any tactics other than handing over the ball to them. In Durant, who played 40+ minutes per game, and every offensive round was strictly guarded by the honorable class, Durant’s explosion seemed to be something the Nets expected in the playoffs, but he didn’t expect Durant’s downturn in the The first round of Game 2 happened. If Durant can’t wake up in future series, the chances of the Nets being eliminated will also increase. Here’s a word for Durant. Durant’s downturn is also a crime of non-war. The whole season is basically his responsibility to carry out the two ends of offense and defense, attacking, protecting the rim, and even dribbling the ball. It’s not ideal to say that Sean Marks played last offseason.

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Focus two:Knowing the Nets, Ime Udoka is also

Udoka, who once served as the Nets assistant coach, devoured the Nets in the first two games. On the offensive end, he constantly relied on cross-screening to switch the KD-level Claxton, who has the ability to protect the rim, to the perimeter, and named the Nets guards in the penalty area. The Nets’ defensive strategy is that you block, I follow you to change the concept, there is no technical strategy to cover up the shortcomings of these small guards or center defenses, which also makes the Nets everywhere on the court. There’s also Jeff Green who calls out defensive positioning, but the Nets don’t have that kind of leader this season. James Johnson, who can defend in the regular season, has been fired, and Edwards, the only one-on-one defense capable, can’t play his offensive ability at all in the playoffs, so he is not trusted by Nash, and Udoka is taking the Nets’ pain point to hit hard. If Simmons returns, it may help the Nets’ perimeter defense. It’s just that with a herniated disc injury, how much the defense can recover will only be known when he plays.

The responsibility of defending KD is mainly left to Horford and Tatum. Horford is very experienced and has an accurate judgment on when KD will play or shoot. As long as KD is blocked, the Nets basically have nothing to do. And when the ball is directed to the periphery, a good team tacit understanding also allows the Greens to quickly fill up positions, which also makes the Nets’ two away games very difficult. The playoffs are more dominant than the stars. If Durant can’t break through, the Nets will be in one round this season.

Focus three:Role players need to jump out

There are too many short guards in the Nets’ main lineup, and they are all attacking guards. On the defensive end, Mills and Dragic are all one-step defenses. Therefore, instead of expecting their defense, it is better to develop some strategies to maximize their firepower. The central connection point, Brown, is very important. The author thinks that the lack of Johnson is really hurt. Johnson and the shooter’s screen and hand-off can create scoring opportunities. At this stage, the decision to refer Johnson may still be Consider, after all, coach Edwards, who has defense but can’t make a shot, doesn’t like to use it… However, most of Luye’s players except Dragic don’t have the ability to attack independently, which requires the wisdom of two-star scoring, but it can be seen that the stars in the first two games did not activate teammates. There are many seasons, and most of the teammates are on the weak side to watch the double star take turns singles at the critical moment.

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Envisioning the benefit of Simmons’ return

Simmons is strong in his breakthroughs, and the tall guards can get the upper hand on the front line. He can also make transitions, which will increase the speed of the Nets’ offensive end a lot. After all, the Nets’ positional warfare is somewhat restricted by the Green Army. If they can speed up and play more early attacks, they can attack before the opponents have set up their defenses. The basket, this is also an option (the premise is to defend the opponent…) and perimeter defense is also Simmons’ point of view, how much he can help the Nets’ broken defense in the first line, after all, defense is the tacit understanding of the team. When the teammates are running in in the regular season, there may be no problem with single defense, but there will be several waves of tacit problems in the response after switching defenses, but this is understandable.

However, Simmons also needs the ball, and he can’t play without the ball. If he is on the court with the double star, he should play a small-ball center. After all, he can’t be on the floor with Claxton or Drummond without the perimeter. Simmons is expected to start off the bench and take over with Durant when Kyrie goes down to rest.

However, can the Nets’ problem with Simmons’ return really be solved? Looking at the above, one of the big problems with the Nets is that Steve Nash does not have the ability to integrate players and on-the-spot tactics. Although Simmons defends very well, the opponent has a screen to put the original defending Simmons. Switching to Mills or Dragic, it’s still the same RBI, but Nash doesn’t seem to have a strategy to cover some players on the defensive end, which also makes it even more difficult for the Nets to win the championship with an already uneven lineup.

in conclusion

After Simmons came back, the Nets’ backcourt organization and perimeter defense all got a little relief, but Simmons couldn’t play off the ball and couldn’t shoot the outside line. The problem still exists, plus he hasn’t run-in with his teammates on the court, I personally think the help is limited. . But the author is still looking forward to the chemical effect of the Big Three!

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