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2022 Finals small ball is not a Warriors patent! Celtic's False Start, Real Evolution Surprisingly Wins

The small ball is not the Warriors’ patent!

In the first two games of the series, the Celtics mainly forced the Warriors to switch defenses through P&R, creating opportunities for Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to face Curry. However, in G3, Celtic’s offensive strategy was slightly adjusted, and Marcus Smart directly attacked Curry with the ball. . 

After the first two games of the championship game, the two sides were tied, and G3 returned to their home court, Celtic, and established a double-digit lead in the first quarter. Although they were overtaken by the Warriors in the third quarter, the decisive quarter was still stable. Stay in position and take the victory by 16 points. In addition to the victory of G3, the next game after swallowing a defeat in the playoffs this year, the Celtic record is 7 wins and 0 losses, creating a new record in NBA history.

False start, true evolution, Celtic won by surprise

As mentioned in the previous article, the starting lineup for the Celtics’ championship game has a negative net rating. If Derrick White replaces Robert Williams III, the efficiency can be greatly improved, so the Celtics may consider changing the starting lineup. line-up.

Although the starting five of the Celtics in G3 remained unchanged, the coaching team made some fine-tuning in scheduling. Although Robert Williams III was the nominal starter, he started in the first and third quarters. After 2 or 3 minutes, he was replaced by the coaching team and replaced by White. In other words, the Celtics achieved the effect of change formation by setting Robert Williams III as a fake starter in this battle. .

Most of the Celtics used a four-small-one-large formation in this game. In order to increase mobility, the Warriors had to miss the playing time of Draymond Green and Kevon Looney. In the first two games of the series, the average playing time of the two partners was 14.4. minutes, and G3 was cut to 7.7 minutes.

Without an elder to protect the rim, the Warriors have to spend more effort to fill the position, so it is more prone to loopholes. For example, in the video below, Celtic centers on Al Horford, continuously inside-out, outside-in, making the defender exhausted and still missing Horford at the basket.

In addition to the flaws in the rotation, in order to improve flexibility and reduce Looney’s playing time, the Warriors used Draymond Green as the center most of the time, making the team shorter and more effective in rebounding protection. Weakness, especially when Robert Williams III is on the floor.

All in all, with both sides playing small-ball lineups, Celtic has a greater advantage in the penalty area, including 15-6 in offensive rebounds, 22-11 in second-wave offense, and 52-26 in penalty area. The hit rate in the penalty area jumped from 45.3% in the previous two games to 63.4%, which almost dominated the penalty area of ​​the Warriors and became the main factor in determining the outcome.

"2022 Finals" small ball is not a Warriors patent! Celtic's "False Start, Real Evolution" Surprisingly Wins

False starters are more efficient Robert Williams III instructions for use

In this battle, Robert Williams III handed in 8 points, 10 rebounds, 3 steals and 4 blocks all-around data, not only became the second player in team history to hand over the data of 3 steals and 3 blocks in the finals, and the legendary center forward Kevin McHale is equally famous. Although it became a false starter, which appeared to be a downgrade on the surface, it actually maximized the benefits of Robert Williams III.

Displaced management of the green jersey commander is one of the main axes of the Warriors series of offense, and many videos on the Internet have discussed related issues. When Horford and Robert Williams III are on the floor, the team will struggle to adequately screen both, causing one of them to switch to the perimeter and be RBI. However, in this battle, the two played in a staggered order, and Celtic could focus more on protecting his parents, so Robert Williams III could stay in the penalty area and take advantage of second-line help and frame protection.

RBI Curry’s best strategy Smart participation in the attack frequency increased

RBI is the Warriors’ offensive strategy, and the Celtics are constantly trying to snipe Curry. In the first two games of the series, the Celtics mainly forced the Warriors to switch defenses through P&R, creating opportunities for Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to face Curry. However, in G3, Celtic’s offensive strategy was slightly adjusted, and Marcus Smart directly attacked Curry with the ball. .

Compared with creating dislocations through pick-and-rolls, it is the most efficient way for Smart to single against Curry directly, because pick-and-roll screens often attract other defenders to help defend, and even give the Warriors a chance to double-team, but one-on-one singles, Forcing Curry to fight Smart single-handedly. Smart is very good at taking advantage of his body, including low-post singles, asking for the ball in the penalty area, or horseback archery after a head-on collision, all of which pose a considerable threat to Curry and even cause Curry to get into foul trouble in this battle.

In addition, Celtic also made changes in the distribution of the ball. In the first two games, Smart was more of an ambush shooter. The ball was more concentrated in the hands of Brown and Tatum. G3 gave Smart more opportunities to participate in the offense. The number of Smart cuts, G1 and G2 totaled only 15 times, and G3 came 17 times as many.

With the distribution of the ball more evenly distributed, Brown, Tatum and Smart have become the first trio to achieve the 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in the same game in the championship game in nearly 40 years. The last record goes back to the 1984 Lakers’ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Michael Cooper.

Why can’t the opponents play small balls effectively?

Although the Celtics used a large number of small-ball lineups in this game, the Warriors, who are famous for their small-ball, did not get much bargains. Even the Fast Five, which is the most feared playoff this year, has an average plus-minus value of the championship game. It is only -0.5. The Warriors have tried about 20 sets of small ball combinations in this series, but only two sets have positive or negative values.

In addition to being quite difficult on the defensive end in the face of Celtic’s strong restricted area, another major reason is the lack of outside shooting ability.

In the first round of the playoffs, the Warriors faced the same well-staffed gold nuggets in the penalty area. The reason why Fast Five played so well was that the three-point fire was fierce. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole all made more than 40% of their three-pointers. , even Draymond Green has a passing level of 36.4%.

On the other hand, in the championship game, only Curry’s 48.6% left alone. Thompson and Wiggins both made only 30% of their 3-pointers. Poole’s perimeter shooting rate hovered around 20% in two of the three games, and Draymond Green was one of them. No three-pointers were made. In the case of poor grasp on the outside, it is difficult to open up the space on the court, and it is impossible to play the characteristics of the small-ball lineup.

"2022 Finals" small ball is not a Warriors patent! Celtic's "False Start, Real Evolution" Surprisingly Wins

Warriors trailing No. 1 war criminal Draymond Green’s poverty-stricken plight

When it comes to the Warriors falling behind 1-2, Draymond Green should be one of the top picks, averaging 5.0 points and 5.0 fouls per game in the championship series while shooting 26.3 percent from the field. Looking back at the 2019 championship game, Draymond Green still has at least a decent 12.5 points and 43.3% shooting. His offensive threat in this year’s finals can be said to be close to zero.

Compared with his personal poor attack problem, what is more serious is the negative impact on the team because of his poor attack. Since the start of the championship game, Celtic’s defensive standard has been to release Draymond Green. He seems to want to prove that he can score in G1. He made 12 shots in the whole game, but only made 2 goals. He was wasting the Warriors’ ball possession, so he began to reduce the number of shots, only seven combined in G2 and G3.

Draymond Green’s lower shot count seems reasonable, but it creates more problems. With Draymond Green’s reduced offensive desire, against his Celtic defenders, he can help defend with less scruples, resulting in more defensive pressure on his teammates. A more serious problem is that when he gets a gap on the court, but he chooses not to shoot, it is easy to make the team’s tactical execution knotted.

Draymond Green’s poor offense didn’t happen on the first day, it’s a long-standing problem, but the Celtics amplified him and left the Warriors in trouble.

Facing the upcoming G4…

Coach Steve Kerr, known for his on-the-spot reflexes, seemed less resilient than Celtic coach Ime Udoka after the first three games of the championship game.

When the team fell behind at the end of the first two quarters, the Warriors used the same trick as before in the third quarter. Curry used the pick-and-roll to control the opponent’s long man, although he pulled out a wave, and even overtook the score for a time. But in the fourth quarter, Celtic immediately proposed a corresponding solution, flanking Curry’s pick-and-roll, causing him to make consecutive mistakes. On the contrary, the Warriors could not respond. They only scored 11 points in a single quarter and watched their opponents go away.

The Warriors have fallen 1-2 in the playoffs four times since Steve Kerr took over, and three of them came back to win the series, including the 2015 championship game, when the Warriors won in Game 4, replacing Andrew Bogut with Andre Iguodala. It was a turning point that changed the situation of the battle, and the Five Little Deaths were discharged. The warriors went down three cities in a row and defeated the knights. In other words, whether the Warriors can replicate the previous success again depends on whether the team can once again find the key to turning the tide of the game.

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