Two major inflection points for the 2022 playoffs:

Two major inflection points for the 2022 playoffs:

Two game-changing turning points: Morant’s shock dunk and a shift in KAT’s offense

He played nearly 37 minutes in this game, scoring 21 points and 15 rebounds, much better than the starter Jaren Jackson Jr. In fact, Clarke is not only in this game, he has performed better than JJJ in the entire series, and even better than Morant with NetRtg+10.3.

After the first four games of the Grizzlies and Grizzlies series, the two sides were tied 2-2. Unexpectedly, the Grizzlies in G5’s home court were behind in double digits at the end of the first three quarters. In the fourth quarter, they relied on Ja Morant. With a big explosion, he soared 18 points in a single quarter, and arranged the winning layup, finally staged a reversal show and took the lead in grabbing the advantage of the draw.

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Ja Morant returns to aggressive turning point

Morant has a lot to do with the Grizzlies falling behind. Morant leads the league in scoring in the restricted area in the regular season, and even in 17 years, only Zion Williamson and Giannis Antetokounmpo are better than him, but his cutting attack in the playoffs is limited. Slipped to 40% of the playoffs, the main reason is that the Grey Wolves assigned the tough Patrick Beverley and Anthony Edwards to take turns to watch over him, constantly giving physical collisions, and at the same time, the Grey Wolves launched a pick-and-roll against Morant and adopted an Ice strategy to block his entry path.

Because of the obstacles on the cut, Morant seems to be less inclined to cut, and he’s more aggressive about passing the ball than attacking the rim. Morant’s lack of aggression caused the Grizzlies to score inefficiently, so they fell behind in the first three quarters.

Morant, however, turned the game with a terrific dunk late in the third quarter, after which he regained his aggression. Although he made 10 shots in the penalty area in the first three quarters, most of them were evasive and blocked shots. After this shot, 7 of his 9 shots in the fourth quarter were concentrated in the paint area, including the final victory. With a single blow, he re-polished his mark as the scoring champion in the penalty area.

Adding more shots closer to the rim helped Morant effectively improve his offensive efficiency. He only scored 12 points in the first three quarters and 18 in the final quarter.

Towns scoring explosion in the second half, the Timberwolves lost their advantage in the penalty area

The reason why the Timberwolves were reversed was that their offense was inefficient late in the game, which may have something to do with Karl-Anthony Towns’ offensive pattern shift in the second half.

In this battle, the Grizzlies were quite afraid of KAT’s interior destructive power. From the beginning of the game, whenever he held the ball in the low post, he adopted a pre-double-team strategy to force him to pass the ball. There were not many chances to touch the ball. Teammates thus gain more space. For example, in the video below, Anthony Edwards cuts in. Brandon Clarke, who protects the rim, dare not fill in, because he is afraid that KAT at the basket will take advantage of it.

However, in the second half, KAT started to stand on the outside, and his chances of holding the ball increased. Not only could C&S cut the outside line, but he could also dribble in or make a step-back jumper. Of the 28 points scored, 21 of them were scored in the last two quarters. . But without his restraint in the paint, the Grizzlies were able to use more zone-like formations, which made it difficult for their teammates to cut in the second half, especially D’Angelo Russell and Edwards, who shot five in the restricted area in the first half. In the second half, he made 5 shots.

Grizzlies Bench Raiders Efficiency Value Is Better Than Morant? !

In addition to Morant, the Grizzlies also made a bench surprise in this battle, that is, center forward Brandon Clarke. He played nearly 37 minutes in this game, scoring 21 points and 15 rebounds, much better than the starter Jaren Jackson Jr. In fact, Clarke is not only in this game, he has performed better than JJJ in the entire series, and even better than Morant with NetRtg+10.3.

Clarke should be the long man who best meets the needs of the team at present, not only because JJJ is too easy to get into foul trouble, but Clarke, who can hit the basket and run fast breaks, is more able to bring Ashes than JJJ, who prefers to shoot on the outside. Trouble in the wolf exclusion zone. And Clarke’s shooting percentage, from 64.4% in the regular season, soared to 72.7% in the playoffs. The defensive end even caused KAT to make 6 turnovers in this series, ranking second in the team.

Analysis of key Play tactics in the countdown stage

The two armies hit key balls respectively in the countdown stage, and the two sets of play after the suspension have many notable details.

Since the Timberwolves are behind by 3 points, the Timberwolves intend to pass the pass to attract the attention of the assist defense and create a gap for the ambush shooter in the bottom corner.

Jordan McLaughlin used KAT’s Handoff to get the ball back after serving. Kyle Anderson, who was in charge of guarding McLaughlin’s go under strategy, should be able to block McLaughlin’s path to the basket, but Morant on the top of the right arc was in order to Just in case, instead of sticking to his opponent Edwards, he took a helpful stance. As a result, Jaden McDaniels of the Grey Wolves stepped forward to cover Edwards with a Flare. Although Clarke immediately noticed and reminded Morant to switch, Morant’s defense was not. Focusing entirely on McLaughlin, he was momentarily unresponsive, thus giving Edwards a slot in C&S.

The Grizzly Bear’s final target was handed over to Morant, and the Grizzly Wolf should have known it, but failed to deal with it. The Grizzlies started with a 1-3 stance, with Desmond Bane standing near the free throw line and three other teammates on the baseline.

The Grizzlies’ first two runs were all decoys, including Kyle Anderson’s cross at the corner of the strong side, and Tyus Jones moving to the ball side through Morant’s cross screen, both to get the defender out of the box, and then the For the real purpose, Desmond Bane pinned down Morant to get the ball out of the way, and Edwards on Morant had a flaw. He shouldn’t go around to Morant’s outside gamble for steals, but should stay inside and block. Morant’s way of attacking the rim. Although Jarred Vanderbilt filled in in time, Morant still used his unusual elasticity and waist strength to pull the bar into the lead.

Meet the upcoming G6…

According to historical data, in the case of a 2-2 tie, the team that won G5 has more than 80% chance of advancing to the next round, but the Grizzlies still cannot take it lightly, especially the team feels cold on the outside in this battle, and the hit rate is only 25%. In particular, the shooter Dillon Brooks made 1 of 10 three-pointers, and the team’s free throw percentage was 66.7%. These are all areas that the team must adjust.

The Gray Wolf needs to consider increasing the frequency of KAT’s strong attack on the inside line. After all, according to the current situation, the Gray Wolf has the advantage of the penalty area. The Gray Wolf should make good use of this. The front and back players played better performances and played a complementary role.

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