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UK Evolution announces 8 new live online casino games in one fell swoop

UK Evolution 8 Live Casino Games

UK Evolution announces 8 new live online casino games in one fell swoop

Evolution has launched eight new live casino games in one go. The announcement was made on Tuesday during the Evolution Online event. Before the event, the game maker announced that it would focus on all 6 brands of Evolution Group (NetEnt, Red Tiger, Ezugi, Big Time Gaming, DigiWheel, Evolution), but nothing was known about the program. Now there seems to be a good reason for secrecy, Evolution has brought a series of new games!

The next eight new games mentioned are some of the 88 games that Evolution Group will release through 2022! You can find these selections at trusted entertainment cities outside of GamStop.

New games for Evolution 2022

After the previous releases of Peek Baccarat and Bac Bo Live, Evolution is off to an impressive start with the announcement of six new games in the first quarter. For the games announced on February 8, 2022, here is a brief description of each game.

1.XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is a more unstable version of the popular Lightning Roulette game released in 2018. Compared to the original game, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette offers more multipliers and the chance to win up to 1000x your principal.

2.crazy coin flip

Crazy Coin Flip is based on the success of Crazy Time. Crazy Coin Flip is partly an online slot machine, but once you activate the bonus in the game, you will get the live feature.

When 3 scatters fall after each other to trigger a bonus, the multiplier can be used to toss coins, tossing red and blue coins. If you guess correctly, the multiplier will result in a higher jackpot.

3.To trade or not to trade the first person

The latest version of this first-person game concept is to trade or not to trade first-person. By adding this new game to the first-person game variant, you can focus on the game from more positions and perspectives.

disadvantage?Evolution Gaming’s FPG games are computer-generated, so this is not a true live casino game.

On the other hand, you can play this game 24/7 without waiting for availability.

4.Super Andalbahar

Andar Bahar Live is a very popular game that comes from India but is now also available internationally.

Subsidiary Ezugi has already released its own version of Andar Bahar, and now parent company Evolution is doing the same with Super Andar Bahar. In this game, players can bet on either Andar or Bahar. bar roulette

To play Golden Bar Roulette, the online casino where you want to play the game must be integrated with Evolution Gaming’s bonus tool – not all Evolution casinos have access to the game!

The most important aspect of this new version is that rotating game situations can reappear in subsequent rotations.

This applies especially to the bonus feature, ensuring that you can make more use of it in the future.

As a result, the gold bar wheel has been described by Evolution as the biggest innovation in live wheeling since the introduction of the lightning wheel.

6.Monopoly big ball player

Monopoly Live was launched a few years ago and has been a worldwide success. It is therefore not surprising that Evolution has chosen to release a new monopoly variant.

Monopoly Big Baller is a bingo game where players can compete with the casino, but Mr. Monopoly will appear to encourage players. monopoly Big Baller will be available this summer.

7.Peeking at Baccarat

With this new game, the popular live game producer serves the growing community of live baccarat enthusiasts.

The Swedish game producer, who focuses mainly on live casinos, is pleased with the new version and regards Peek Baccarat as a revolutionary baccarat game.

Peek Baccarat is the first of its kind, allowing players to increase their bets mid-game.

Players can now raise their bets based on peek, which can be seen as the game unfolds.

This is the first ever baccarat game that allows players to predict the outcome of a round and adjust their bets as they play the game.

Other rules of the game are the same as regular baccarat, but a 20% surcharge is applied to bets placed against the Player or the Banker.

8. Bac Bo Live

The name Bac Bo comes from the fusion of live baccarat and Super Sic Bo. Bac Bo Live is a new craps game that has many similarities to baccarat and offers parlay bets that pay out up to 88 times your principal.

Instead of using cards, the player and online casino points are determined by the sum of the two dice.

The new live casino game from Evolution Gaming combines the elegance of baccarat with the visual excitement of craps, according to the game’s producers.

Bac Bo is an exciting game for novice and experienced casino lovers alike and is very easy to pick up.

The new Evolution Gaming game is played with four dice: two for the player and two for the dealer. Each dice is placed in a separate auto-vibrator located on the game table.

During the betting period, all the dice start moving at the same time. The dice stop one after another, causing tension to build.

When the last of the four dice stops, the winner will be declared.

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