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2022 Playoffs unexpected long-term duel, Middleton's sluggish state, the Bucks still won G1

Unexpected matchups for the 2022 playoffs

In the whole game, I was most satisfied with the matchup of the elders. Seeing that Brook Lopez and Nikola Vucevic have repeatedly displayed various footsteps and skills in low-post singles, if the main backcourt of both teams can find the right focus, it will definitely look better. Let’s play!

The first wave of 9:3 was dominated by long men. Brook Lopez and Giannis Antetokounmpo took turns to score in the penalty area and outside. The Bulls failed several times in the middle distance of DeMar DeRozan. Next, the bleeding was stopped by Nikola Vucevic’s outside line after the timeout.

The long guys on both sides had a high sense of presence in the first quarter, including Vucevic knocking himself down after the pick-and-roll, or Alex Caruso, who was in ambush in the corner, and Giannis until about 7 minutes into the first quarter. , it was the second time that he had the opportunity to accelerate to the hoop to perform a possible fast break, and finally slammed the dunk in the bulls’ double team by relying on the advantage of his body. Before that, the Bucks worked hard to pass After attracting double-teams to pass outside, and further perform more external passes to seek more ideal shooting opportunities, there are not too many unnecessary individual singles.

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In the middle of the first quarter, Wesley Matthews made a three-pointer from the bottom corner to help the Bucks push the score to 21 points, while the Bulls’ score was still in single digits. this is not the truth.

In the second quarter, after the big and four small lineups led by Giannis played a good effect, Khris Middleton and Jrue Hoilday led the team in the middle and back stages, including Brook Lopez also returned to the court at this time. However, Middleton’s state is not ideal. The alignment from the first quarter to the second quarter is quite biased. The mistakes also include walking, choosing the strong side when passing the ball, etc. In addition, he and Jrue Holiday have a cold hand. , the two made 4 of 16 shots in the first half. As the playoff home and the performance of the first game, they really need to be corrected in the next game.

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In particular, the outside shot selection of the two is not bad, but the ballistics are too much, especially Middleton, as the second leader of a team, only scored 11 points in the whole game, and made 1 of 7 shots from the outside, if not because of the final win. And 6 assists to make up, his downturn will be even more embarrassing.

Since the double-digit point difference in the first quarter was lost in the second quarter, the third quarter was a big test for the leading Bucks. LaVine’s touch gradually recovered. Although there was no free throw opportunity, the shooting state was better than the first half. It was better. In the fourth quarter, 6 shots were still miserable, but in the first half of the third quarter, it did give the impression of preparing for a reversal. There were too many whistles in this section, and the rhythm was broken for both sides.

The Bucks played uncontrollably in the third quarter, with many mistakes and low confidence in the gap, the Bulls managed to regain the lead at this time, forcing the Bucks to make changes at the end of the third quarter, replacing Brook Lopez and Khris. Middleton, replaced by Giannis and Bobby Portis, the former played his best box tearing, the latter contributed a tie-breaking corner 3 and a well-timed block, the two made the public in just two minutes. The deer regained the lead.

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In the second half of the fourth quarter, the Bucks placed the double-tower lineup of Lopez and Portis, and continued to put pressure on the Bulls’ penalty area. The Bulls also fell to a low point because of the touch of DeRozan and LaVine (the two made 1 of 12 shots in this quarter). Can continue the state of the third quarter and swallow the first loss of the series. Of course, it can be said that the Bucks won this game on defense, but what is more concerning is that the Bucks, as the defending champion, made an outrageous data of 21 turnovers. It can only be said that they can win this game. On a level, it was a fluke.

The role players on both sides need to play more, especially when the main players on both sides are abnormal. The Bulls had Coby White contributed 12 points and 4 rebounds, and the Bucks had Portis contributed 10 points, 12 rebounds, 1 interception and 1 block. The Bulls’ Partick Williams, Javonte Green, and even Derrick Jones may have to do something more on both ends of the floor, as can the Bucks’ Grayson Allen and Pat Connaughton. The cooperating role players are affected, and their ability to be classified or set as a support is inseparable from their own abilities, but since the main force is not as good as expected, and it is only the first game of the series, what’s the harm in being bold on the offensive end?

In the end, I was most satisfied with the match against the elders. It was quite enjoyable to see Brook Lopez and Nikola Vucevic repeatedly display various footsteps and skills in low-post singles. The ball for his teammates was missed, and the excitement of the game was somewhat tarnished. See if DeRozan and LaVine, as well as Middleton and Holiday, can get back to their level next time! It’s really not the way to keep hammering, as Holiday said in a post-match interview: We need to win ugly games, and we play ugly games.

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