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2021-22 Raptors Playoffs G2: A failed offense.

2021-22 Raptors Playoffs G2: A failed offense.

In the second game of the series between the Tyrannosaurus and the 76ers, the 76ers finally defeated the Tyrannosaurus 112:97, successfully defending two home games, and the series took a 2:0 lead.

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2021-22 Raptors Playoffs G2: A failed offense. 4

In the second game of the series between the Tyrannosaurus and the 76ers, the 76ers finally defeated the Tyrannosaurus 112:97, successfully defending two home games, and the series took a 2:0 lead.

Fallen Gary Trent Jr. and Scottie Barnes.

Barnes came into the field wearing protective boots before the game, and also announced the fact that he would not play in the second game. It is undoubtedly a big weakening of the Tyrannosaurus’ combat power. To make matters worse, Trent, who has been in a state of illness in the past, although he was still a starter in this game, he played weakly and finally left the field after only 9 minutes of playing. , returning to the lounge is equivalent to saying that the Tyrannosaurus has forcibly lost two starting combat power in this game.

Now this Tyrannosaurus is no longer the team full of deep substitutes in the past. It relies heavily on the performance of five starting players: VanVleet/Trent/Anunoby/Siakam/Barnes. It is naturally difficult to gain an advantage with two starters down. In addition, Young, who injured his finger in the last game, only played for 8 minutes in this game, which further tightened the rotation force.

Especially in the playoffs, the team’s bench rotation will definitely be tighter, and the starting minutes will increase. Imagine the Tyrannosaurus using the bench against the 76ers’ starters, and the result is a 15-point difference to swallow the defeat. .

Judging from the situation of Trent and Barnes, it is difficult to expect them to adjust their state and return to help the team in this series, so I have to admit that the Libra of Victory in this series has greatly favored Philadelphia.

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Barnes’ injury looks unlikely to return to this series.


Continued chaotic whistle.

Although it is very irrational to blame the referee for the team’s missteps, I still think that after the second game, the referee is really puzzled by the whistle. The collisions and physical contact that the Tyrannosaurus players give Embiid will be strictly scrutinized by the referee, but to be honest, for a long person weighing 280 pounds, there are not many strong physical collisions, how to prevent him from rolling into the basket, Get two points? There are some calls that are too sensitive to be honest, and they are all unnecessary calls, but if they are called, they are called, and Embiid has 12 free throws in the first quarter.

Of course, in addition to the 76ers getting a lot of weird whistles, the Tyrannosaurus also bought some very easy fouls, but compared to the number of fouls and free throws by the 76ers, the Tyrannosaurus undoubtedly lost too many points at the free throw line.

For the whistle sound problem, there are really not many solutions. I believe Nurse’s strategy is still the same. He will continue to double-team Embiid and push him away from the penalty area. Using a more difficult jump shot is undoubtedly a better choice.

The OG Anunoby that jumped out.

Even though the rebounding and second-wave scoring performance of the Tyrannosaurus were much better than the previous one, they were still defeated by their poor half-court offensive performance. The hit rate is excellent, and he has performed exceptionally in two consecutive perimeter games. With Siakam continuing to be blocked and VanVleet becoming increasingly powerless, Anunoby proved with his actions that he was not willing to let the Tyrannosaurus down. The audience scored 26 points with high efficiency on 10 of 14 shots. Not only did they lead the Tyrannosaurus to a 15-0 counterattack in the fourth quarter on the offensive end, but they also switched between defending Embiid and Harden many times throughout the game. It’s just a pity that the T-Rex players, except Boucher, failed to provide much firepower to support Anunoby.

With Embiid sitting in the penalty area, VanVleet is destined to rely more on the outside line as a weapon. After making 4 of 6 shots in the first quarter, he began to stall due to physical factors; Siakam continued to block the 76ers with a wall and forced him to the center line. In the case of cutting in, the offense can’t tear the defense, so Anunoby’s ability to jump out is crucial for the half-court offense that was nearly paralyzed by the T-Rex.

It’s just that for fans, expecting Anunoby’s singles to be able to play stably from game to game, to be honest, it’s a bit too strong…

After the first World War II, the 76ers failed to win any home games. Judging from the historical record and the problem of injured soldiers, the chances of the Tyrannosaurus winning the series have been greatly reduced. But in any case, the top priority is still to win Game 3 back at home in Toronto. It depends on whether Boucher can top the starting gap in the next game / whether Achiuwa and Flynn can minimize the damage they bring to the team.

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