2022 Playoffs must affirm Brandon Ingram in addition to believing in Foster's curse

2022 playoffs must-sure Brandon Ingram

In the playoffs under the supervision of Scott Foster, Chris Paul swallowed a 13-game losing streak before today. In this G2 of the Suns against the Pelicans, Foster was responsible for CP3 and failed to open the game, but before discussing these non-scientific factors, the Pelicans will Brandon Ingram is more worthy of recognition, and is undoubtedly the hero of this battle.

Maybe, we really have to believe something that science can’t explain?

Before the second game of the Suns-Pelicans series, the league leader’s game against the ninth place in the Western Conference was unexpectedly highlighted, because in this game, the league arranged for the three referees who were voted the worst by all players. Two of them, Scott Foster and Tony Brothers, served as the judges of this game, and what made people even more talked about before the game was that the Suns dominated Chris Paul’s career in the playoffs and encountered Foster in 13 games. These 13 games All the games were lost. Last year, the Suns did win the second game of the Western Conference Championship when Foster was the referee, but CP3 was absent due to entering the league’s health and safety protocol, which also prevented CP3 from breaking the curse.

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Whether or not the curse is really at work, in the end, in today’s first round of Game 2, the Suns lost to the Pelicans 114:125 at home, the series was tied 1:1, and they lost home-court advantage. For the Suns, it was bad It’s not CP3’s 14-game losing streak against Foster, but the star guard Devin Booker retired due to a hamstring injury in the second half of the game. Whether it will cause any follow-up effects remains to be seen.

Booker’s exit from this game caused a huge contrast to the Suns, because in the first half of this game, it is not an exaggeration to say that Booker supported the Suns alone, no matter whether it was a deliberate effort, but in the fourth quarter of the previous game, he locked the Suns with only one hand. The victorious CP3 was very quiet at the beginning of the game. It was not until the second half of the second quarter that he made the first goal of the game. Facing the continuous offensive of the Pelicans once again storming the penalty area and aggressively rushing, it was Booker who made the first single in the first quarter. With 16 points and 15 consecutive points within the last 4.5 minutes of the second quarter, he resisted the Pelicans’ assault with one person’s firepower, and even helped the Suns lead the score after Booker’s consecutive scoring in the second half of the second quarter. The Suns scored 61 at halftime: With a 56-point lead, Booker scored 31 points by himself, just over half of the Suns’ total.

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After the easy basket battle, the situation changed. The Pelicans leader Brandon Ingram took the lead in a 12-2 offensive. Although CP3 responded immediately, the Pelicans obviously survived and did not deal with the sun in the halftime. The offense focuses on the simple coordination of C.J. McCollum and Ingram on the ball, complemented by a few quick transitions. The Suns are not without defense, but when the Pelicans transition is 6-foot-11 Jaxson Hayes as the finisher, their size Smaller Mikal Bridges didn’t care if he finished second in the Defensive Player of the Year vote, and Booker with 4:35 left in the third quarter ended up with a hamstring strain after failing to catch Hayes’ fast break. , and never returned to the field.

Ingram scored 14 points and 5 assists in a single quarter in the third quarter. In this quarter, the Pelicans had 25 points related to him, while the Suns only scored 22 points in a single quarter. The Pelicans directly turned the first half behind to a 7-point lead. In the final quarter, although the Suns set off a counterattack at the beginning of the fourth quarter and advanced after Cam Johnson intercepted the fast break, CJM and Ingram stepped forward to take over the game again. When the game entered the star duel, Booker (and still on) Booker, who was hot at halftime, became a bear for the Suns.

The Suns failed to gain a clear advantage in the first half as in the first game, helping them withstand the Pelicans’ counterattack, and then handing over the game to CP3 to close the door. Take your chances and lose in the star duel. The Suns are still at a disadvantage in rebounding in this game, but they have already reduced the gap to 10 rebounds. It is true that the Pelicans have been sneaked away from time to time due to defensive negligence in the game, and the back door has also been unnecessarily lost several times, but we have to admire the Pelicans. The Orans made three-point shooting without interruption throughout the game and almost regarded defense as nothing, and Ingram, who dominated the game in the second half and played star dominance.

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The 2016 draft was considered a young year, but two people stood out. One was Ben Simmons from Louisiana State University, who was known as a poor offense LBJ, and the other was from Duke University, known as Little KD. Ingram, Simmons has been far from his original expectations in the past few years. Although he is tall, he can defend, advance and pass the ball, but his attack is a mess. Although Ingram had a big shooting problem in the early stage of his career, he turned to the Pelicans. After the Pelicans, it has obviously changed year by year. In the case that Zion Williamson can’t even take care of attendance, Ingram has obviously grown into a star of the Pelicans.

He is 6 feet 8 inches tall with bare feet, but has a wingspan of 7 feet 3 inches. Ingram was expected to be a KD template at the beginning, because he has a height above the swingman level, and his long arms allow him to play high and ignore defense. Although the shooting percentage in the first game of the series was not good, and the firepower in the second half was slightly lower, the Pelicans were unable to chase the points, but this game completely played its own value. Rather, he has entered an unstoppable state. Today’s Ingram is not just a star in a weak team, but a leader who can really carry the team forward in the playoffs. Although the second quarter of this battle was extinguished, he competed with Booker with 11 points in a single quarter in the first quarter, and scored 26 points in the second half, with 37 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists in the game. He played in the playoffs for the first time in his career. In the second game, he came up with a performance worthy of a masterpiece.

Back to the game, for the Suns, this battle was like a nightmare. Although head coach Monty Williams and the ace in charge of CP3 all pointed out the team’s defensive problems after the game, the tone was obviously a bit harsh, but I think it was only aimed at a few It’s an outrageous case, and because this game was really lost in a tug-of-war, if several loopholes that shouldn’t have happened can be avoided, even if Booker is out, the Suns have a chance to win. In the second half, CJM and Ingram made several outside shots, and the Suns had achieved at least 80 points and 90 points defense. This is like the unstoppable shots of Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo in the championship game last season. When the opponent really throws Hero Ball, you can only appreciate which side God favors when these balls are in the frame or not.

Overall, the Suns’ three-pointers in this game are slightly warmer than Game 1, but most of them came from Booker, who felt hot in the first half. That is to say, before the game, it was mentioned that the Suns must first shoot wide from the outside line by the forward supporting role. The principle has not been implemented. In contrast, the Pelicans scored 17 three-pointers, 9 in the first half, 8 in the second half, and 6 in the fourth quarter from CJM, Ingram, Jose Alvarado, when the opponent is so uninterrupted and indistinguishable With a wide open crosshair, and the two opponents’ stars still throw in the Hero Ball when they are obviously already in charge, perhaps this is a victory that the Suns are difficult to win.

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I don’t really want to end it all with unexplainable, unscientific claims, but we really don’t know why the CP3 team will play so hard as long as Foster enforces the law, even this year it seems that the Suns are already so good However, all problems will arise in the playoffs under Foster’s law enforcement. Their physical disadvantage cannot be solved. The opponents with the lowest shooting ability in the league can use their unstoppable sights to smash the outside line. To make matters worse, losing the most important player in the team and the best player in this battle can only be said that all bad news has happened, and it is really not easy to win in this kind of game.

Suns aren’t a team that can’t win on the road, or a team that can’t win without Booker, when the series is 1-1, it’s a best-of-five series without home-court advantage , played against the Pelicans twice in the regular season this season. In early January, Deandre Ayton and JaVale McGee were both sidelined. The Suns starting center was Jalen Smith. In the mid-March game, CP3 was still out due to a hand injury. But twice in New Orleans, the Suns are the winning side, even if Booker may be out now, the Suns will not despair.

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It’s just that the Suns hope that Booker’s injury is not serious, even if they have to take a break, it won’t be too long. After all, this season, the Suns definitely hope to go further. In addition to writing a team history record in the regular season, The playoffs also hope to break the franchise record.

Just wait for the consequences.

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