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Gary Payton II, the Golden State Warriors' secret weapon other than the New Dead Five

Golden State Warriors’ secret weapon

The Golden State Warriors didn’t play, and started the game with Curry, Poole, Thompson, Wiggins and Green’s New Death Five, but it was Little Gloves GP2 who really helped them reverse the Denver Nuggets at the end. With 10 points and 2 key three-pointers in the quarter, they narrowly advanced to the second round of the Western Conference playoffs.

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Gary Payton II, the Golden State Warriors’ secret weapon other than the New Dead Five

Game5 of the Golden State Warriors directly stopped the show and let Stephen Curry, who was a substitute for 4 consecutive games, return to the starting lineup. At the beginning of the game, he put on the New. Death Five that has been all-powerful recently, hoping to win this series smoothly.

As everyone knows, the warriors’ gorgeous evolution of taking a big trick did not receive the expected devastating results. Curry, Poole, Thompson, Wiggins and Green started together for 3 minutes and 38 seconds, and 9 to 10 was one point behind the gold nugget, so Steve Kerr urgently dispatched Looney to support, and did not get too much bargain.

In the end, Little Glove Gary Payton II jumped out in the fourth quarter, made 4 of 4 shots in a single quarter, contributed 10 points, 3 assists and 1 interception, with two key three-pointers, securing victory for the Warriors who are eager to advance.

In front of dad Gary Payton, GP2 showed no less defensive energy. He knows where his strengths lie. With his hard work, speed and excellent screen awareness, he continues to wear down the physical strength of the gold nuggets players, allowing the Warriors’ small lineup to regain its destructive power.

For the gold nugget, Payton’s existence is like an annoying pest, always spewing out of disgusting corners, harassing the increasingly unoptimistic battle situation, and putting two cold arrows at a critical moment, which is hard to guard against.

And he only rested for 2 seconds in the entire fourth quarter, and he couldn’t think of a way to deal with him. Teammate Klay Thompson was very satisfied with the performance of GP2. He believed that Payton brought out all the magic weapons and played without reservation.

Payton’s defense in the final quarter was excellent, and that’s why I kept him on the floor, Steve Kerr said in an interview. After that, he also made three-pointers and made a layup to the rim, which was the key to our win.

He fights in his [proper] way and shows his skills, so I think he deserves the opportunity to play like that.

As it turns out, what Kerr said was true. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Warriors were 8 points behind the Golden Nugget, but thanks to the perseverance of GP2, they regained the lead in the final 2:10, and with 1:06 remaining, the score was pulled to 97-92. A total of 18,064 viewers were overwhelmed.

And these two points were scored by Payton. When the old Payton in the audience was photographed by the camera, he was dancing with joy – the former Defensive Player of the Year, now an ordinary old father.

Payton’s performance was incredible, he made achievements on both ends of the floor. Big game, big heart, and two key perimeter shots were amazing, said Draymond Green, who has spent a lot of time defending Nikola Jokic in the past few games. Waiting for the Olympic aid of GP2 is undoubtedly great news.

Stephen Curry also appreciates Payton’s defense. The gold nugget only scored 20 points in the last quarter, and Curry and Payton scored 21 points together, which became the key to the reversal.

He’s been a great contributor on the defensive end, he’s able to play in a variety of positions on offense, and he’s really impactful by roaming around when opponents are trying to stop us and showing the speed advantage, said Curry, who spoke with him. GP2 staged a wonderful pick-and-roll in the final quarter to verify the authenticity of this sentence.

Even though it was only his first playoff game, Payton remained calm and showed no signs of agitation or stage fright. Such mental toughness earned him more minutes.

It’s just a game, we’re playing our own basketball. When I’m on the court, I’m going to play in the right, smartest way, says GP2, confident in his game intelligence and clear about his personal strengths Where.

So, this scene doesn’t make me tremble, I’m not nervous at all, just think ‘I’m playing with my strong teammates’!

The ancients said, The sky will give great responsibility to the people, and you must first work hard on your mind and work your muscles and bones. The 29-year-old Gary Payton II has experienced strong winds and waves. A total of 4 different teams have given up on him, including the Golden State Warriors. , but he never gave up his dream of playing in the NBA, no matter what the circumstances did not hold him back.

Like his tenacious father, Glove Gary Payton, he never gave up easily.

In less than 7 months, Little Glove Gary Payton II went from the fringes of training camp, to the official roster seat, to prove his strong defense, to playing the soul of the team to win the series – this way, It’s really not that simple.

Nothing seems to scare him, Kerr said with a smile.

Team-to-team like him, playing in G-League, leading a 10-day contract, never really finding a team to call ‘home’, the pressure on my heart is probably more than in any dangerous game. It’s going to be a lot bigger if you give up your life.

Payton is an elite defender and a very unique offensive player who works hard on the 3 and makes a huge impact for us. Now he’s very comfortable on the court and I’m glad he’s here. Find your home!

Objectively speaking, the Warriors did not play well in the second half. If there is no GP2 jumping out and playing hard enough and crucially, then this loss can be expected.

A team victory is never a one-man effort, but GP2’s splendid performance deserves a lot of applause – don’t have to be as impassioned as old Payton, remember that a good night like this is enough.

Jama Mahlalela must have thought so too. It’s a good chance that Payton didn’t apply for the film analyst. Come on, give Assistant Coach Mahlalela a great credit.

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