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2022 Playoffs Jazz survived the fourth battle, what changes have occurred in the battle?

Jazz survive Game 4 in 2022 playoffs

The content of the first two battles made jazz fans around the world angry. In the face of Doncic’s sassy return, it was almost a desperate situation that was about to come to an end. The Utah Army finally rebounded at the bottom of the fourth battle, and after some changes and accidents, one point The narrow victory, although ugly, can finally continue to survive 2:2. What changes have taken place on the battlefield in this match?

The content of the first two battles made jazz fans around the world angry. In the face of Doncic’s sassy return, it was almost a desperate situation that was about to come to an end. The Utah Army finally rebounded at the bottom of the fourth battle, and after some changes and accidents, one point The narrow victory, although ugly, can finally continue to survive 2:2. What changes have taken place on the battlefield in this match?Lucky Cola Casino

(1) Jazz’s defensive improvement

In this game, the Jazz’s defensive intensity has been raised to a level that is completely different from the previous three games, and the main credit may be awarded to Bogdanovic. In the past, he was never considered to be a defensive player, and he was often considered a hole-in-the-wall player. In this game, he asked Ying to defend the opponent’s ball handler, whether it was Doncic or Brunson. He always started marking and pressing from the backcourt. The spirit has also infected the entire team. The old problem of being easily overwhelmed on the front line has been greatly improved, which has reduced many missing players that Gobert had to let go in order to make up for defense. On the other hand, the Jazz’s enthusiasm and aggressiveness in rotation, It is also the best of the four games. Although there is still a problem with body size, there has been a marked improvement in mental armament.

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*Although he was rarely considered to be an excellent defense in the past, Bogdanovic also had a good performance against LBJ in Pacers. The white European shooter’s arrogance in leading defense has infected the entire team.

(2) The influence of Doncic’s return

Doncic’s absence isn’t necessarily all bad for the Mavericks. Although the plus-minus in today’s game is still +7, as Mitchell said in the post-game press conference: Doncic slowed the game down – reflected in practice, at least in the first half of the court where Doncic was absent, the Mavericks’ tactics And the rhythm is probably running like this, but the joy of blasting the Jazz with a three-point rain in the first two games is not seen beyond redemption: the shooter actively runs without the ball / cross-screens on the field / runs out of the gap ball and immediately sends a decisive shot.

Friends who watch a lot of games should be able to recognize that the feel on the court is more important than the rhythm. In fact, Doncic also created a lot of big gaps in this game, but they couldn’t get in, because compared to the fast-paced shot after running out of the gap, it often had to wait even if the gap was empty, and finally the ball came. More able to enter the rhythm of the shot. In the last game, Kleber, J. Green and D. Bertans made 11 of 17 three-pointers together. In this game, they only made 2 of 10 shots. The two losses that the Jazz lost were actually won by the Lone Ranger on the bench. People and Dinwiddie’s four benches combined, but it was a new low of only 13 points in the series.

The most stark contrast appeared in the third quarter. In the third quarter, after Doncic went off the court, the Lone Ranger played a wave of 12:0 directly from behind to overtake, and all four three-pointers during the period were the second in the third game. The routine of the quarter means that if it is similar to the winning style of the previous two games, the Dallas shooters can still hit hard even if the Jazz team has improved their defense today. On the other hand, Doncic’s return also means taking away some of the ball that requires Brunson to hold the ball, and this game also had the lowest score/assist in the series (and so did Dinwiddie). Are you saying he’s in bad shape? In the third quarter, Brunson scored 9 points in about three minutes.

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*The three main players who won the first two games have all been sluggish in this game. It is no coincidence that Powell, Doncic’s best pick-and-roll partner in the season, has come alive.

Doncic’s impact on the rhythm of the court can also be seen through the following data: This game is the slowest Pace game since the two teams’ four games (the Jazz are actually speeding up to play Early Offense in this game), and it is also the Mavericks since the fourth game. New lows for team distance and speed per game – yet another game that was actually slower than the Jazz after losing the first game. This situation stems from the fact that the ball is too concentrated on Doncic (and his playing rhythm is slow), although he will not necessarily fall into the disadvantage / there are many more exciting point singles, but in terms of the season and the fourth game , and because of its dominant style, it is difficult to quickly get rid of the Jazz to open up the point difference. It is also reflected in the fact that even if the Jazz are behind today, except for the fast three-point rain in the third quarter, which is like a nightmare in the third game, it seems that they can all bite the tug of war. .

Not only defense, but Doncic’s return has affected the Jazz’s offensive transformation somewhat. The Jazz’s three-point shooting volume in the first three games was far inferior to that of their opponents. One reason why the offense could not be opened is that the three-point strategy was suppressed by the Lone Ranger’s very exciting rotation; but in the fourth game, of course, the Jazz themselves were less able to feed the (ball) penalty area. And hello, and increase the number of three-point shots to be closer to the proportion of offense in the normal season (the result is the most three-point shots in the series / the smallest gap with the Lone Ranger, and the penalty area score is new), another main reason is Doncic’s speed gap , allowing the Jazz to have more breakthrough and shooting space – even if the three points are still inaccurate, compared with the first three games, there are many large gaps; what’s more, because the space is activated by the opponent’s formation, including more breakthroughs and mid-range Singles and the difficulty of Gobert catching the ball has also led to the rapid accumulation of fouls by some of the Lone Ranger’s strikers, which has also become one of the reasons for the lowest three-point shooting rate in Dallas’s last three games (deducting Doncic and only 34 shots left). 9), for the Jazz, who were hit by a three-pointer from the Mavericks’ corner in the first two games, must have PTSD.

(3) Snyder’s slow walk

Jazz coach Snyder was slow and stubborn in on-the-spot scheduling and evolution, and paid a heavy price in the second and third games, but the good news is that late is better than never, and the Jazz are still playing at least 2:2 now, Even if the series is still underwhelming no matter the schedule or the situation, it has given some hope to the fans, and it has indeed affected the outcome of the fourth game.

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*In the fourth round, Snyder gave up the beard shape of the first three rounds and regained his freshness. I hope it is another start on the field.

In the second and third games, he was shot to death by a Dallas three-pointer: In the third game, he tried to use a small-ball center, and use forward lines such as Hernangomez and House. In the fourth game, Gobert finally stopped letting Gobert only know how to guard the rim, even if it was only one step. It’s too far away, and the station has moved to the outside of the three-point line. It’s time for the defense to follow the three-point line. Even today, the poor state of the series has finally been reduced, and Conley’s time and key are frequently regulated, making the series hit rate. As high as 60% of Clarkson’s battle, all these turned into a butterfly effect, which contributed to the good result of winning this battle.

(4) Mitchell’s revival

Although the perimeter feel is still sluggish, and the score is the least in the four games, today’s Mitchell can be said to be the most calm and team-conscious game in the entire series, which also makes Snyder rare in the fourth quarter. Let him take control The arrangement came to fruition smoothly, and the first slam dunk with Gobert, which was like a Slam Dunk Rukawa x Sakuragi, dispelled the heavy haze of the earlier conflicts and played a small sip for the end of the series. skylight. Shot selection, defensive aggressiveness, and scoring awareness are all more reasonable. The Jazz don’t necessarily rely on him to score, but they must rely on him to break the hole, and see if Mitchell can really get better from this.


The above can be seen as the main reason why the Jazz could win from the bottom of hell in the third game to the thrilling victory in the fourth game. However, even so, the Jazz at home still managed to win by a thrilling 1 point under many occasions. Looking at the entire series, they are still an absolutely disadvantaged and dangerous side.

I still want to clarify once again, Doncic’s return is definitely not a point deduction, but if it can follow the smooth three-point rain before the return, more blooming, hard to defend, and running to Gobert’s dizzy offensive routine, it will be smoother. Switching and using them together also makes Brunson return to the threat of the first two games. The author thinks that it will have a better chance of winning than playing the Doncic style of leading the team.

Of course, the Jazz still have plenty of items to review in the future. After all, especially the first two games, it really doesn’t look like a playoff team should have the mental outlook: Gobert made 9 of 18 free throws in the fourth game when he almost turned into a war criminal. There is no reason to hurry up and re-train, and the cream hand in the attack has to cheer up a little bit. The conditions on the road are only worse than at home. Can Mitchell and Gobert finally have a bloody time together, or is it just a good illusion for a while? Is that really what Conley is left with? Or is there a chance for some old-fashioned playoff value? The traditional jazz soul shown by the team in the fourth game reappears-Tough/Hustle, is it a return to light or a great enlightenment? What’s more important is Snyder, can he continue to go in a good direction with his brains that he finally got through?

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*The passion of the two main generals after the game is whether it is impulsive, or can it be turned into real unity later, and we will tell us the answer in the follow-up games

These can only be told through the fifth battle!

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