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Lucky Cola VIP: Exclusive benefits in Philippines

Lucky Cola VIP: Exclusive benefits in Philippines

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Lucky Cola VIP includes a 6-level loyalty program with exclusive rewards. Each level has its own benefits. The six stages are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. You can start your path at Bronze level and then upgrade to higher levels.

Lucky Cola Casino gives new players in the Philippines 2,500 points to enter the program from the first level. Additionally, players must place bets and play games here to earn loyalty points. This will help them move from one stage to another. It is worth mentioning that the program’s rewards include cash bets, personalized offers, redemption points, etc.

Lucky Cola VIP: Exclusive benefits in Philippines

Why the Lucky Cola VIP Plan is the Best

Keep in mind that Lucky Cola is not the only casino offering a VIP program.

This article is an introduction, not an advertisement. You are willing to accept all options that are best for you.

As we said at the beginning, we are protected by freedoms and human rights.

To prove our honesty, we have collected comparisons and advantages from reputable online casinos.

We appreciate your efforts in trying to dig out the best casino VIP programs through the hype, it’s time to get some real stuff out of the internet.

We specifically selected MNL168 and Peso888 considering their popularity and reputation, especially in the Philippines.

MNL168 Casino is a rising star that is unreasonably hidden under the horizon waiting to be discovered; Peso888 is an old brand website that every Filipino knows.

If you’re browsing on mobile, we’ve merged MNL168 and Peso888 into “Other VIPs” for optimal visual performance. You can always learn more by switching to the desktop version.

 Lucky Cola vipMNL168 vipPeso888 vip
Upgrade Bonus👑 YesNoNo
Cashback👑 50%X265%45%
Rebate👑 0.5%0.4%No
Birthday Bonus👑 20,000 PHP10,000 PHPUnknown
VIP Tour👑 Yes👑 YesNo
Invitation Bonus👑 YesNoNo

Clearly, the reason why we promote Lucky Cola VIP Program is obvious. Despite other advantages, it wins solely by the qualification. Everyone, every wager extent, every invited people can participate in this program. It takes 0 cost to be a VIP member.

Come and join Lucky Cola, make your first deposit, enjoy thousands of games online. We have JILI Slot, Fa Chai Fishing, Evolution Crazy Time, PCSO Lottery, UG Sportsbook, AVIA E-sport, Sabong and PVP, not to talk about our numerous promotions and events: Slot 120% Extra Deposit Bonus and Sabong Lucky Wheel. As the anticipated festival Christmas is coming soon, we are planning to give out more bonuses for FREE. Make you decision NOW!

What You Can Get from the Lucky Cola VIP Program

You can definitely look forward to a lot of benefits, compensation, and bonuses when you become a Lucky Cola VIP. As mentioned above, betting points, cashback, rebates, birthday bonuses, VIP tours are the main benefits of the program. Especially cashback and rebates are undoubtedly what players are most looking forward to. Here is a detailed table for your reference.


Lucky Cola VIP Tier Reward Table

Level Up Rewards is an auxiliary reward system designed to encourage upgraded perks. While the rewards get better as you level up, you’ll also receive cash bonuses to reward your advancement. Isn’t this amazing? Extra opportunity to make more money for your family!

Lucky Cola’s Promotions: Best Free Bonuses at Philippine Online Casinos

We offer the top promotions and events in Philippine casinos. The articles here guide you in the simplest and most comprehensive way. The promotion concept is carefully arranged, benefit analysis, advantage comparison, further elaboration, and no details are disclosed. Please come to learn about the latest developments. Please note that period promotions, events and certain long-term terms are not included, please visit official lucky for more information.


special arrangement

The article is clearly organized and presents the best free bonuses for Philippine casinos.


Benefit Analysis

We analyze possible and potential benefits for you.

Lucky Cola Casino

Advantage comparison

Who offers the best promotions? We provide the most unbiased comparison here.

Mga Review ng Manlalaro ng Lucky Cola Live Casino

Undisclosed details

Exclusive bonuses or missed details detail all collected promotions.

In fact, we wrote an article specifically about it, all thanks to the generous promotions Lucky Cola continues to offer.

Our promotions are a mix of cash back, rebates, free bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

The VIP system we implemented has increased the ingredients we promote. Why?

Because the only requirement to have a membership is a minimum deposit of 200 PHP and you will then be eligible for entry to Lucky Cola Mall, free VIP tours, birthday bonuses, cash rewards and various other freebies!


People constantly link VIP program to high roller program since VIP stands for Very Important Person. However, it’s more close-fitting to refer Lucky Cola’s VIP Program as casino rewards VIP program, because the program benefits all sorts of players. Every member in Lucky Cola is a VIP, your value isn’t decided by your turnover.

It is. Lucky Cola holds legal licenses issued by PAGCOR (The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) and MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), additionally with Gaming Curacao that ‘Is Lucky Cola trustworthy’ has not mentioned. Lucky Cola cashes out shortly within 5 minutes after withdrawal application submitted.

You absolutely can. You can be anyone you simultaneously, just like different roles on Discord. Winner, player, agent, VIP member. Hell, why not all?

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