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Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel

Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel
Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel

The ultimate in gaming and entertainment luxury! City of Dreams is a stylishly decorated hotel with an understated luxury ambience. It is one of the largest and most luxurious entertainment destinations in Macau, providing visitors with a unique and exciting experience.

The City of Dreams is part of the City of Dreams Entertainment Group, whose main brands are City of Dreams, City of Dreams, City of Dreams, and Mocha Casino. Among them, City of Dreams is the flagship of entertainment in Macau, combining exciting entertainment, magnificent hotel accommodation, global cuisine, international brands and a casino with a wide range of games and rewards, which will definitely bring you an unforgettable trip to Macau.

Casino Introduction

Spanning 420,000 square feet, City of Dreams Casino features over 450 gaming tables and over 1,514 new gaming machines. The following are the types of games available at City of Dreams, from the classic and popular games to the latest exciting games.

Table types: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Poker, Fortune 3, Sic Bo, Texas Hold’em.

Betting machines: Fat Fat Fat, Dragon Ao Jiu Tian, Phoenix Dance Jiu Tian, Hao Yun San Xiong, Dao Fu Duo Cai.

Melco Club Membership Types

By joining The Club at City of Dreams, you can earn Rewards points to advance to a higher level of membership and enjoy a wide range of exclusive member benefits and rewards, including complimentary hotel stays and stylish luxury boutiques.

City of Dreams Membership Type.

Melco Card: Upgrade to Gold Card by accumulating 80 Melco Rewards points within 6 months.

Gold Card: 800 bonus points accumulated within 6 months can be upgraded to Red Tour Card.

Red Seal Card: Accumulate 8,000 bonus points within 6 months to upgrade to the Jade Seal Card.

YuXi card:-

Room Introduction

Located in the heart of Cotai City between Taipa Island and Coloane Island, Melco Resorts is home to four hotels: The Excelsior, The Grand Hotel, Grand Hyatt Macau and the world-renowned London architect Zaha Hadid’s Mopars Hotel, which will debut in 2018.

Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel
Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel 8
Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel
Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel 9


A must-see at City of Dreams is their over HK$2 billion House of Dancing Water. Created by world-renowned inspiration Franco Dragone for City of Dreams, the Waterdance Theatre is so popular that it is a must-see for guests visiting Macau. The theater was created by the renowned Pei Architects in collaboration with Mr. Michel Crête, Dragone’s scenic designer, and can accommodate up to 2,000 spectators. The theater’s stage pool has a record-breaking capacity of 3.7 million gallons, equivalent to the capacity of five Olympic pools. The legend is perfectly interpreted.

Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel
Macau City of Dreams Casino Hotel 10

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