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Stephen Curry's bench breakout! Jordan Poole scored 59 points in the first two games, second only to Wilt Chamberlain in team history

Stephen Curry’s bench breakthrough!

Curry successfully played as a catcher and scored 34 points off the bench, which matched the 29 points and 8 assists of Warriors teenager Jordan Poole in a single game. We’re not sure how long it will take for Curry to return to the starting lineup, but it looks like Sixth Man is addicted, leaving Steve Kerr with a headache for the rest.

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Stephen Curry's bench breakthrough! 3

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Denver Nuggets 126-106 in Game 2 to take a 2-0 series lead with their second straight victory.

The winning atmosphere is naturally good, but obviously the feelings of the Warriors are not just good. During the post-match interview, Stephen Curry was asked about the 22-year-old Jordan Poole’s hot current situation – before he could answer, Poole rushed in from outside the camera and hugged Curry, like a little brother playing with a big brother at home, and the naughty interaction is very cute.

He’s so hot his ears are burning, Curry joked.

The up-and-coming Poole caught the eyes of the world in the shortest time and became an indispensable player in the Warriors playoffs.

Poole helped Stephen Curry adjust his form more carefree, allowing Curry to start off the bench with confidence in the two games he returned from injury. As for Poole himself, he is also very good, contributing 29 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 interceptions, and 5 of 10 three-pointers.

This made Poole a name in the history of the Warriors, with a combined 59 points in the first two games of the playoffs, second only to Wilt Chamberlain’s 63 points. Considering that the positions of the two are very different, and that Poole was known for his low hit rate in the early days, this record is really commendable.

Chamberlain’s record was set in 1960, when he was in his rookie season, leading the Warriors, then known as the Philadelphia Warriors, all the way to the second round, before losing to Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics, who were about to start their eight-game winning streak. Altik.

Throughout the playoffs, Chamberlain averaged 33.2 points and 25.8 rebounds per game. Facing the Syracuse Nationals in the first round, he scored 35 points, 28 points, and 53 points, and played almost 48 minutes per game.

Basically, Poole has no chance of breaking the record, but…who knows? He refreshes our vision every day, and it’s no surprise that something magical happens.

It’s really surprising, Poole is always confident, Curry praised the little brother.

He has the ability to create space, to score unreasonably, to take shots in the open, to give the ball to his teammates — everyone draws energy from him, and it’s a whole new look for the team.

In fact, Curry’s performance deserves a lot of coverage.

Starting off the bench for the second straight game, Curry switched freely between off the ball and with the ball, making 12 of 17 shots, 5 of 10 from 3-point range, and relentlessly scored 34 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists — cover up the name, but also I thought it was the upper body of Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford at their peak. It seems that Curry, the best sixth man, is addicted.

The Splash Brothers composed of Curry, Poole, and Klay Thompson beat their opponents to pieces, contributing a total of 84 points and hitting 13 three-pointers, as many as the entire Golden Nugget team, which is very scary.

At the end of the first half and the start of the second half, the Warriors each played a 22-6 tsunami offensive, allowing the half-time lead of six points to expand into an advantage enough to easily win. 2 battles, welcome victory.

It makes sense for Curry to play brilliantly after switching roles. In these two substitute games, his three-point assist rate was 66.7% and 60.0% respectively, and he successfully played the role of a catcher and shooter.

Rather than saying that he sacrifices the ego and completes the big ego, it is better to say that he already has such a skill package. The three-point assist rate in the past two seasons is 58.0%, but the existence of Poole again this advantage to carry forward, Just like when Kevin Durant was around, Curry could run and shoot more easily.

When a team has shooters like Curry, Poole, Thompson, Draymond Green to play, Andrew Wiggins, Kevon Looney to fill — unless the Warriors’ defense collapses, it’s hard to lose.

Poole has played well all season, and is the X-factor that the Warriors have been able to maintain despite the return of the main player and the change of the lineup.

Whenever fans feel that he is going to be returned, he will be resurrected for you to see after a few games. Both starters and substitutes are suitable, which makes Stephen Curry not only willing but also very happy to play on the bench, and Steve Kerr is also happy. Accept the sweet burden (Kerr press conference: Curry modest off court, wild on court).

Curry is used to playing with his old partners Klay and Draymond under the pressure of the playoffs, and now Poole can join this victory formula. Such inheritance and connection are really rare in the fast-paced NBA and basketball world.

When you put JP (Jordan Poole) in the mix, it just adds an offensive element, and the opponent has to worry about another variable when defending, Curry, like a math expert, explained it all flatly.

Obviously, if he plays so aggressively, decisively, and has the ball so well, good things will always happen — because that’s what makes us special, the space and the ability to create good plays.

People may be concerned about when Curry will return to the starting lineup, after all, when that happened, Steve Kerr had to stab Poole.

After all, judging from common sense, Wiggins and Looney still have to stay in the starting lineup to maintain the defense and lineup height. The Warriors cannot play the ultimate small ball from the beginning, and there is a limit to their love of play.

But no matter where he sits on the roster, Poole has grown accustomed to being a key player on the team and knows how to keep up in the playoffs — and so has his big brother, Curry.

As Poole said to the anchor with a smile, how will he deal with the possible adjustments Kerr may make next:

No comment, No Comment.

It’s better to leave this problem to Kerr, as long as the wicked Poole concentrates on making every shot, I believe Curry will also support his decision.

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