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The Heat are in crisis, three-pointers decide the outcome

Heat crisis, three points decide the outcome

The Heat won the first two games easily at home, but 76ers center Joel Embiid made a strong return, and the Heat played consecutively on the road to restart the iron plate series.

In the first two games, the Heat won easily at home, the Heat resolved the entanglement at halftime, and the home game opened smoothly, but the 76ers center Joel Embiid made a strong return, and the Heat played consecutively on the road to restart the iron plate series.

The Heat are in crisis, three-pointers decide the outcome

With or without Embiid on the court, the 76ers are two different teams. Even if the finger ligament injury continues to affect Embiid and his physical fitness is not at his peak after a period of time away from the front line, his fouling efficiency is still top-notch, and more importantly, his unparalleled attractiveness and potential offensive rebounding threat Sex, let the 76ers shooter group regain their vitality.

Embiid played for 36 and 38 minutes in these two games, with only 21 points and 11 rebounds, and the shooting rate was less than 50%, which was somewhat different from the situation where he dominated the regular season. However, the Heat’s strategy of preventing Embiid from double-teaming and triple-teaming may have suppressed his scoring, but the exposed peripheral gap seriously hurt the overall defense.

In the first two games, Embiid was absent and the Heat were able to focus their defense on James Harden, the main playmaker. The 76ers had to use more rotations to protect the restricted area without the big black column. The 76ers, who are not as deep as human beings, consume a lot of energy, which may be one of the reasons why shooters Danny Green and Georges Niang are all out on the outside. All this is solved after Embiid’s return.

Green made all three-pointers in the third game, and his 7-of-9 shooting rate tied the record for the most three-pointers in the playoffs. The fast Tyrese Maxey fired three-pointers at the same time in addition to fast breaks and cuts. Four consecutive three-pointers in the fourth quarter made the Heat unable to catch up.

In Game 4, Green continued to cause damage. 3 of 4 3-pointers included a potential 4-pointer; Niang got out of foul trouble and made 2 3-pointers. Most importantly, Harden made 6 3-pointers to completely destroy the Heat. In order to suppress the opponent’s main player, the Heat have always been willing to give the opponent a 45-degree angle on the strong side or the bottom line on the weak side to give the opponent a three-pointer. The strategy of the first round was successful against the Eagles, and the first two games of the second round also worked.

The 76ers made 16 of 33 three-pointers in two consecutive games, and the shooting rate was close to 50%. This is the power of NBA stars. No matter how good the defense is, it is impossible to completely suppress it. There must be a choice. Trae Young is worth doing in the first round. Embiid, who is more destructive in this round, is naturally no problem. In addition to attracting defensive attention and freeing the perimeter space, Embiid was able to play and solve most of the 76ers’ rebounding problems.

After the first four games, the winners are not only the home team, but also the three-pointer. Embiid’s return has liberated the 76ers’ shooter group, but the Heat’s complete 3-point shutdown is also one of the reasons. It’s true that Max Strus has a good defense, but only 31% of his three-pointers in this series; Kyle Lowry, who has returned from injury, is even worse, making all three-pointers in two games; backup guard Gabe Vincent is not much better, making three-pointers in four games Only 2 of 15 shots, maybe Erik Spoelstra should let Duncan Robinson, a shooter who only played in garbage time, show up?

Butler joined the Heat in his first year and led the team back to the championship game in the bizarre bubble circle, and faced LeBron James who was still at his peak. With superhuman data, he overwhelmed LBJ, who can be called a data magician, in an all-round way. Under the trouble of the team’s injured soldiers, it can be said that he won a victory by himself.

Originally thought that Butler, who is not mainly outside the line, is bound to decline with age, but he did not expect Butler to completely subvert this idea. Even though the violent conflict with the coach on the sidelines in late March was caught by the camera, it seems that the friction with the coaching team has been going on for some time. After entering the playoffs with real guns and live ammunition, Butler completely focused on the field, and the output Raise more than one notch.

Butler averaged 30 points per game in the first four games of the first round and completely slaughtered the Eagles. He missed the fifth game due to a knee injury. Butler’s mobility declined after returning to the first game in the second round. It seems that the knee injury is still bothering him. Unexpectedly, Butler immediately rebounded strongly in the next three games. In the second game, he used the ball to help the team win. In these two games, they started to score 33 and 40 points respectively. Total Burn is the best player in the series.

Butler’s explosiveness is not as good as before. There are not many core pictures of directly taking the general’s head into the penalty area, and the number of direct cuts to the opponent from the periphery is reduced. Instead, he uses his footsteps patiently to create opportunities. Speed ​​is not Butler’s strength. He makes good use of his footwork to change the rhythm to go to the penalty area, keep reading the opponent’s defensive position, plus his superb nirvana skills up and under supplemented by occasional rollover shots to create super-efficient attack output.

Defensively, the Heat use small balls to trap Embiid. Butler’s mobility and defensive coverage are valuable assets. He and P.J Tucker are the main factors in the Heat’s ability to use a centerless lineup.

The only thing that can be picky is that the three-point shooting rate is less than 30%, and there are occasional too rash shot choices. In the fourth game, the key defense missed people and allowed the 76ers to easily dunk. However, he can stand at the free throw line 8.5 times per game, his overall shooting rate is over 50%, with nearly 6 assists and less than 2 turnovers, can score, pass the ball, help protect the rebound, and it is difficult to ask him for more. .

Butler wore a Heat jersey for the fourth time in the playoffs with more than 40 points, surpassing LBJ to finish three times in the Heat alone for the first time in team history. Back then, when LBJ lived in a time when the number of rounds per game was low, the average score per game was low, and the difficulty of accumulating a large number of personal points was not the same as today, but any time LBJ’s record was broken is still worth a book.

None of those numbers matter to Butler. What matters is team wins. The Heat are in crisis for the first time in the playoffs. Whether he can continue to perform high-end performances against Embiid and keep the team alive and wait for the shooters to reload will be an important focus for the rest of the series.

Butler wore a Heat jersey for the fourth time in the playoffs with more than 40 points

After returning to the starting point, the Heat still have a slight advantage. In addition to mastering the home field advantage in the key Game 7, the 76ers have never reversed to win a series after 0-2, and history is also on the side of the Heat.

Even so, the situation of the Heat’s shooter group, which is extremely dependent on three-pointers, and the golden cross of the 76ers. The main guard Lowry is obviously injured and has no threat to play outside. The brave who meet on a narrow road wins, and the cards that both sides can play are almost finished. The rest of the situation on the spot and the injuries that are known to the old people will only be known after the real confrontation.

Is Butler holding up the Heat again, or is Embiid leading the 76ers back to their first division championship game since 2001? The remaining three battles and two wins are only exciting!

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